2010 16/06

What is that smell?

Oh dear lord….there is a smell in our bathroom and it is getting worse by the day!

At first we thought that our sewer holding tank thingy (we live in the country and I’m pretty sure that is the technical name) needed to be pumped out.  But our wonderful plumber-cousin assured us that that was not the case.

Our wonderful plumber-cousin suggested that the jets in our whirlpool tub might need to be flushed out.  That water might have gotten into the tubes of the jets and is rotting.  Oooh, good thought!

Sadly we don’t use the whirlpool tub for anything more than a regular bathtub for the girls.  Yes, the sounds of a nice whirlpool soak sounds great but (1) I just don’t have make time to soak in the tub and (2) the jets are a little too loud to be used when the girls are trying to go to bed.  So, yesterday I filled the tub, dumped in a ton of bleach and ran the jets.  And it was gross.  I mean really gross!  Then, a few hours later, I did it again.  And once more because, crazy enough, the smell was still lingering in the bathroom.  Unfortunately, three rounds and two bottles of bleach later, the smell is still there.

Next up, flushing out the drains with some Drano. Another thought was that maybe there was some hair (excuse me while I gag) or something caught in one of the drains.  Again, rotting and stinking up the place.  I dumbed a bottle of drano down each drain, the tub and the sink, and let it sit.  An hour later, I rinsed the drains and the smell still lingered.

Baffled, I decided to open the bathroom window and close the door, hoping it would just air itself out.  Hoping.

This morning Tim came to a revelation…something is dead! Now that he said that it totally makes sense!  A while back we had a mouse who made it’s grave under our refrigerator and I remember that mystery smell.  The funk.  This is that same smell.  Only it’s coming from above.

Oh my freaking….something has died above my bathroom!  And I have a sneaking suspicion that it is one of the little mice that I would hear scurrying around in the ceiling above my bed.  I was a little curious as to why I hadn’t been hearing those noises lately.

Wait!  I have a dead mouse above my bathroom.  And it reeks!  And there is nothing we can do about it.  Funny enough the access to our attic has been blocked off by our lovely closet organizer we had installed a year ago.  So now we wait it out.  Hoping the smell goes quickly.  Hoping the mouse rots quickly.  Wow, doesn’t that make me wound heartless!

In the meantime, I’m stocking up on more air fresheners!

Photo credits: mouse and cow nose

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