2010 30/08

Winners: Letters To God dvd

Congratulations to the following ladies who each won a copy of Letters To God on dvd: Mary Katie Jennifer

2010 27/08

Friday Films: Date Night & Sorority Wars {Giveaway}

Oh guys, these are some fun ones this week!!! Date Night Hilarious!  Absolutely Hilarious!!!  But really, did you expect anything different from Steve Carell and Tina Fey? But I think my husband was actually most excited when he found out that Mark Walhberg also had a role in Date Night.  He’s kind of Tim’s role model […]

2010 25/08

2 going on 20

Sometimes I’m flabbergasted at what comes out of my 2 year old’s mouth!  She definitely loves to mimic people and repeats everything she hears.  The astounding part is how she is so good at using those words and phrases in the best context!  Here’s a little conversation she had with her daddy the other morning […]

2010 17/08

I want to represent you!

I received some amazing news today — I have the opportunity to attend the Type-A Mom Conference this fall! But I still need some help to make it all happen… Type-A Mom is a conference that I was really hoping to attend.  I’ve heard great things about it and it seems like the perfect conference […]

2010 16/08

Mommy Confessions: Food Boycott

It’s no secret:  my youngest child is my challenge!  And when it comes to food, oh boy does she like to make that challenge unbearable!  I’m not sure if it’s her age (2 years old) or if it’s just her personality, but every single meal lately has been a battle. It doesn’t matter what meal […]

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