2010 25/08

2 going on 20

Sometimes I’m flabbergasted at what comes out of my 2 year old’s mouth!  She definitely loves to mimic people and repeats everything she hears.  The astounding part is how she is so good at using those words and phrases in the best context!  Here’s a little conversation she had with her daddy the other morning while he was in the bathroom getting ready for work.

Zoe: Two towels.  Two towels, dad!

Tim: Yup, towels.

Zoe: Two towels! One. TWO!

Tim: Yes, two towels.  Good Job.

Zoe: Yeah! Dats your towel. Two towels!

Tim: Thank you Mr. Obvious.  Two towels.

Zoe: I Zoe, dad! I Zoe!

Tim:  Yes, you’re Zoe.

Zoe: Yes!  You Mr. Obvious!

The two year old had turned the conversation around on him.  And the adult was left speechless.

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