2010 17/08

I want to represent you!

I received some amazing news today — I have the opportunity to attend the Type-A Mom Conference this fall! But I still need some help to make it all happen…

Type-A Mom is a conference that I was really hoping to attend.  I’ve heard great things about it and it seems like the perfect conference for me! The size of the conference is moderate (which means it’s big enough to have a great mix of people but small enough to not feel completely overwhelmed), it has a great mixture of learning and fun, and they offer an optional day of learning focusing on the business of blogging.  You can check out the conference details for yourself at www.TypeAMomConference.com.

The conference also falls at a pretty ideal time for me to go (end of September).  Being pregnant, I have to be much more aware of when I schedule things.  How far along will I be? Can I travel? Will I want to travel? Am I going to want to sleep the entire time? Thankfully I will be well into my second trimester which means that I will be totally able and comfortable enough to travel and I will be at the “energetic” part of my pregnancy.  Seriously, the 2nd trimester rocks!

I need a sponsor

As I mentioned above, I do have the opportunity to attend the Type-A Mom Conference but now I need to figure out how to get there.  I was able to get a ticket to the conference, which is awesome, but now I need to cover the cost of my travel and lodging. In order for me to make attending Type-A Mom a reality I need to find a way to cover those costs — a total of $1250.

Why sponsor me at Type-A Mom

As a blogger I have quite a bit to offer.  I write about a variety of subjects so the possibilities are virtually endless. Here’s a little bit about me, hopefully you’ll see something that jives with your company!

  • I’m a 30 year old woman
  • I live in the MidWest
  • I have two daughters — 4.5 year old Abbi and 2 year old Zoe
  • I’m pregnant with my third child (due at the end of February 2011)
  • We have a dog — a 1 year old Boxer
  • I love Gadgets & Tech, especially for kids
  • I currently own an Apple MacBook Pro laptop
  • I use and love my iPhone 4

What I can offer you and your company

Just as I like to be creative in what I write about, I also want to be creative in how I represent my sponsors. Sponsorships could include any of the following but are not limited to this list.  Basically, I want us to find the best way possible that I can represent you and your company and I’m open to brainstorming with you as to what that might look like….

  • Ad placement on my site before, during, and for 90 days after the conference
  • Dedicated blog post about your company, may include video if applicable
  • Mention of sponsorship in all posts about the conference before, during, and after the conference.  This could include a banner ad featuring your company placed at the bottom of those posts.
  • Hosted giveaways of your company’s product(s) on my site before, during, or after the conference.
  • Twitter shout-outs mentioning your company before and during the conference
  • Placement of your company’s logo on my business cards that I will hand out during the conference
  • Wearing and using branded items during the conference
    For example:

    • Wearing clothing with your company logo (t-shirt, zip-up hoodie, etc.)
    • Using a branded laptop bag (I will be carrying my laptop with me throughout the conference)
    • Using a branded iPhone4 case
    • Using branded water bottles
  • Basically I am your personal spokeswoman to the hundreds of other influential women at the conference at to the thousands who read my blog, Twitter, and Facebook streams.

For more information on sponsoring me to attend the Type-A Mom Conference this September, please send me an email at staceysays [at] me [dot] com.  I think I would do a fabulous job representing your company to the leading bloggers in the industry and would love the chance to work with you!

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