2010 11/08

In the saddle

It has been 47 days since I’ve actually written a blog post.  (This one doesn’t really count.) I hadn’t intended to take that much time off.  I hadn’t intended on really taking any time off.  But I guess I needed it.  I guess I needed a break after months of planning Gleek Retreat.  And then, of course, there was the “plague-month” where, for almost five solid weeks, the girls and I took our turns being sick.  We’re talking the flu, colds, ear infections, double ear infections.  Super fun times.

I am actually really disappointed that, of all summers, that this was the summer that I apparently needed some non-blogging time.  I had an entire summer series planned out (the 14 Weeks of Summer) and I only made it to week 4.  I actually did a bunch of research for that series so I’ll probably do one large make-up post to catch up and, hopefully, finish out the summer.

So, now that I’m “back”, here are some things that I am working on: catching up and finishing out the 14 Weeks of Summer series, tweaking the new blog design, working in a few more video posts, and somehow getting to a blog conference this fall/early winter.

And thanks to all of you who kept checking back to see if I was writing again. I appreciate your support and am really hoping that I can bring you some good and fun content to read soon!

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