2010 16/08

Mommy Confessions: Food Boycott

It’s no secret:  my youngest child is my challenge!  And when it comes to food, oh boy does she like to make that challenge unbearable!  I’m not sure if it’s her age (2 years old) or if it’s just her personality, but every single meal lately has been a battle.

It doesn’t matter what meal it is (breakfast, lunch, or dinner) and it doesn’t matter if it’s something she picked out or not.  She usually gets to a point, one or two bites in (if that), and doesn’t want to eat any more.  “I don’t like it” “I not hungry” blah, blah, blah!  I’d gladly let her just get down when she says she’s not hungry any more but then all I hear for the next few hours is that she’s hungry. And when I tell her she can go back and finish eating the food she left on her plate, then I get to hear the “I don’t like it! I not hungry” again and again and again!  But don’t you worry, she’d be happy to eat a snack!

Example:  This morning I let her choose what she wanted for breakfast and she wanted pancakes.  Ok, pancakes it is.  However, three bites in, she no longer wanted it.  Are you freaking kidding me?  It’s pancakes and you stinkin’ asked for them!!!

So the rest of the meal ends up me sitting there, telling her to take another bite, to chew it up, to swallow it.  Every single bite.  So frustrating! And the really frustrating part is when she takes a bite or shoves her mouth full and then just leaves the food in her mouth.  She won’t swallow it.  It’s so disgusting!!!

I’m getting to the point where I’m just going to let her skip a few meals (and no snacks!) so she can truly feel what it’s like to be hungry.  Maybe then she’ll appreciate the food set in front of her.  Maybe then she won’t make each meal a battle.  Is that too harsh?  The problem is that I swear this kid just doesn’t care!  I can make her sit at the table for hours or in time out or even spank her butt and she just doesn’t care.  So maybe a good dose of going hungry is the answer???

What are your thoughts?  Do you have a problem eater in your house? How did you or do you handle it?

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  • We don’t offer that many choices to begin with – if anything, I’ll ask which would they like for breakfast, cereal or pancakes (or whatever). Lunch and dinner are whatever lunch and dinner are, and I agree with you 100% about not eating a meal. No snacks; kids eat when they’re hungry. I know people say it and it’s irritating, but it’s true.

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