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This was originally going to be a video post but it’s 86 degrees in my house (no air conditioning) and the sweat dripping off my face is less than flattering!  So, I’ll do my best without the video.

We’re pregnant.  Again.  How’s that for subtle? Wow! It feels good to finally get that out there in the open! It’s funny how hard it is to keep that a secret when you’re surrounded by such intuitive people, both online and off.  It’s amazing how many questions I’ve had to dodge!  Speaking of questions, let’s just address the basic ones:

How far along are you? When are you due?

I am 12 weeks. I actually didn’t mean to wait this long to tell everyone but it just ended up that way.  I am due toward the end of February.  I hate to throw out specific due dates because (as my previous two pregnancies proved) my due date tends to randomly change, plus or minus a week.

How are you feeling?

Wretched! Aren’t you glad you asked? I am beyond exhausted (I’m sure the heat and keeping up with a 2 and a 4 year old isn’t helping) and I’m nauseous pretty much all day every day.  Both seems to be getting a little better with every passing day.  Thankfully!  This is one of the big reasons for the blogging Hiatus this summer. Mind you, I really was sick with the flu, cold, and ear infections but I just happened to find out I was pregnant right after the ear infection.  So I’ve spent the past ten weeks feeling like crap.  Partner that with being home with two very energetic little girls….well, naptime trumped blogging every day.

What do the girls think?

Zoe could really care less right now.  She’s not even 2.5 years old yet so she’s more concerned about what her next snack is going to be.  Abbi (4.5 yrs) talks about it quite a bit.  She comes up with questions, which I’m sure I’ll share throughout the upcoming months, every day.  She likes to refer to the baby as the “Born Baby” and I love it!  She actually asked me today if Born Baby was big enough to be “popped out yet”.  Yeah, she comes up with some good ones!

Will you find out the gender of the baby?


Will you tell people if you’re having a boy or girl?


Have you come up with any names yet and are you telling?

We’ve come up with a handful of names but aren’t set on any one (or two I guess) in particular.  I’m sure we’ll have a more definite feeling on a name once we now the sex of the baby.  The funny thing is that we are having a harder time coming up with a girl’s name this time around.  Hmm….

Are you hoping for a boy?

Right now we have two girls and, while a boy would be fun, we are really fine with having another girl.  We will be happy with either a boy or a girl.  That being said, if this baby does end up being a boy, he’s going to be sporting some pretty girly clothes the first few months of his life because I have tubs and tubs of girl’s clothes in my basement!

Did I miss anything?  Those are pretty much the questions I’ve been getting as of right now.  I’m sure there will be more as time goes on.  The frustrating part (besides feeling like crap) right now is that I’m in that awkward stage where I just look like I’ve gained weight but not in the cute little baby bump way.  I still fit in all my pre-pregnancy clothes but I’m starting to be more diligent about wearing baggier shirts.  I’m just way too sensitive about the whole thing, I know.

There you have it.  We’re embarking on the whole world of pregnancy hormones, peeing every other hour, and wanting to eat everything in sight.  Fun times!  And now I’m going to take a nap….


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