2010 07/09

After all, we’ve already been through this…

Everything about this pregnancy has been pretty relaxed.  The way we told people about the pregnancy was nothing extravagant.  Their reactions were all very passive.  Not that they weren’t excited for us but more so that it’s just another pregnancy.  After all, we’ve already been through this twice before.

Even I was relaxed about it, once it all sank in.  I was totally fine with the fact that I didn’t get in to see my OB for my first appointment until I was almost 14 weeks along (typically they see you at 12 weeks).  I was even fine with the fact that my OB office called an hour before my first appointment and had to reschedule for a week later and this time my appointment would be with one of the nurse practitioners.  After all, we’ve already been through this twice before.

Then we got to that first appointment.  The nurse (who was very chatty) pulled out the fetal doppler and started searching around my lower abdomen for this little one’s heartbeat.  And the nerves started instantly. I was no longer relaxed.  I held my breath as the seconds ticked by.  Still nothing.  I held my breath as the what ifs ran through my head.  Still nothing.  I held my breath as the nurse moved the doppler across my abdomen.  As she assured me that those little ones like to move around a lot right now and that my c-section scar can make it difficult sometimes, but don’t worry, we can always schedule an ultra sound if we can’t hear it today. But we have to hear it today!  After all, we’ve already been through this twice before!

Just find the heart beat already!

Finally, what felt like forever but was probably only a few minutes, we caught a very quick glimpse of the heart beat.  158.  Typical.  Normal.  There.  Breath.  You can breath again.

In those few minutes I was quickly reminded that, just because I have been through pregnancy twice before, this pregnancy should not be taken lightly.  Everything about this pregnancy is special.  Every milestone should be celebrated to the fullest extent.  Nothing should be taken for granted.

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  • Stacey,
    It’s so very, very true! Each milestone is just as significant and special as it was with your first baby. You, and your family, need to celebrate them all even in the rest of the world gives you the, “what the heck are you all excited about you’ve been through this before.” Because, you have never been through a third pregnancy and this sweet babe deserves just as much anticipation. Yay for strong, healthy heartbeats! I will never take a single “normal” “healthy” “routine” sign, appointment, or milestone for granted again- never!

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