2010 14/09


I’ve been thinking about this lately and, who knows, maybe it’s because of all the pregnancy hormones, lately it’s hit me like a ton of bricks.  I feel like I really need to decide what this blog is to me.  I mean, why am I writing?  Am I doing all of this as a hobby or is my ultimate goal to make some sort of income off of it?  I know this is a question a lot of writers/bloggers deal with, so I am really no different in those respects and this is not a new topic in life.  But as I said, ton of bricks.

I love writing. I always have.  The problem is when you spend a good portion of the limited time that you do have doing something that makes no difference.  It’s a lot like a poet or a novelist who pines away, hoping that some day they will be published.  No, I’m not hoping to be published, not as in a book or anything.  I just want someone to find value in what I’m doing.

The problem is that this blog, my writing, is so vague.  It is and has always been so personal.  So I’m looking for people to find value in me.  In my personal, day to day, thoughts, feelings, and life.  That, there in, lies the problem.  I don’t have a specific or trendy topic.  I don’t have a specific focus.  I’m just writing. And I’m wanting people to “invest” in me, in my writing, about my life.  Really?  Who is going to do that?  I don’t feel as though anyone takes this seriously.  Takes me seriously.  I often wonder if I take me seriously.

It’s disheartening.

So I guess I need to figure some things out.  I need to decide what this is to me.

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  • Christine Duff-Hudkins

    Stacey my friend … I love reading your posts. Whether they are just about the day-to-day or something you read, watched, purchased. I’m sure after time you will figure out what you want this to be for you, but for me your blog is informative, entertaining, and often hilarious! I love your writing style. I love to write as well, and sadly struggle with finding the time to figure out what I have to say. By the time I have time … I am too tired!

  • Thanks Duff! I appreciate your encouragement!!! It is really nice to know that there are people out there reading this and enjoying it!

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