2010 20/09

I get Xs!

I’ve been dragging my feet on this for months. For no particular reason other than I just didn’t want to deal with the battle every afternoon and every night. But alas, Zoe now sleeps in a Big Girl Bed!

Ok, it’s not really a big girl bed.  It’s just her crib with the front taken off and the little footboard put on.  It is more like a miniature daybed.  But don’t try to tell her that because this kid is big stuff sleeping in a big bed, “just like Abbi”!  

We made the official switch this past Thursday and so far, knock a thousand times on wood, things have been going very well.  She stays in bed at bedtime and at naptime and she even waits until we come into the room before she’s allowed to get out of her bed.  YAY!  Now, I know this won’t last forever but at least it has not been a battle as of yet!  It definitely helps that she gets an “x” on her behavior/chore chart when she does a good job in her big girl bed.

Soon we’ll be transitioning her from her little “big girl bed” in her own room to bunk beds in Abbi’s room.  They are both very excited for their “bunken beds” (that’s what Abbi calls them) but, again, I’m gladly dragging my feet on that one.  I’m well aware that our easy bedtime routine is going to turn into a lot of “Girls, stop talking and go to sleep!” “Girls, no more giggling! Go to sleep!” “Zoe, get back into your own bed and GO TO SLEEP!”

Until then, we’ll just celebrate this little milestone in Zoe’s life.  Just look at her!  She was so unbelievably excited!!!

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