2010 27/09

Pumpkin Thieves

It all started this past Spring.  Abbi really wanted to plant pumpkins in the garden again this year (last year’s pumpkins really didn’t grow).  So, she picked out the seeds, planted the seeds, and watered them all summer.  She watched as the vines grew.  As the flowers bloomed.  And as the flowers yielded to little green knobs.  She anxiously awaited as those little green knobs grew bigger and bigger and began taking on a faint orange color.

We laughed as the pumpkin vines quickly took over the garden.  And the yard surrounding the garden.  Checking every day to make sure the vines were not creeping into the neighboring corn field.  All for four pumpkins.  We stood astounded at how large these pumpkins were growing.  Commenting at how we would need to roll them to the front yard because there was no way any of us could cary them.

She asked nearly every day, “When is it going to be Fall?  When can we pick the pumpkins?”  Finally we decided that Friday, after Tim got home from work, that we would pick the pumpkins!!!  We opted to use the girls’ wagon instead of rolling the pumpkins (I’m a thinker) and went to work!

Abbi & her pumpkin
Zoe & her pumpkins

Seriously!  These pumpkins were freaking huge! And the girls were so proud.  So happy!

Then Saturday morning came.  I went to let the dog outside and noticed that something wasn’t quite right with our pumpkins.  Two of our pumpkins were missing.  TWO OF OUR PUMPKINS WERE MISSING!  Surely they didn’t roll off the porch.  I mean, the wind was pretty strong Friday night but not strong enough to roll the pumpkins more than a few inches.  Sure enough the pumpkins did not roll away.

Some little punk kids came and stole our two biggest pumpkins.  Our pumpkins.  Abbi’s pumpkins.  The pumpkins she spent all summer growing and patiently waiting for.  Someone came and robbed my little girl of her pumpkins!

What on earth was I going to tell her?  Was I really going to have to explain to my 4 year old that there are mean-spirited, stupid people in this world that think it’s funny to steal pumpkins from a little girl?

Thankfully my brother came to the rescue (all the way from Texas) and gave us a better story to tell her.  When Abbi noticed the missing pumpkins and started to freak out we told her that a mommy and daddy deer must have come by and thought the pumpkins were food for them to take.  So they deer took the pumpkins home to their baby deer.  And how Abbi was really a hero because now those baby deer had yummy pumpkins to eat all winter.  She bought the story but is now pissed at the deer.  Word to the wise….deer need to stay clear of our yard because the 4 year old will not be too pleased if she sees you!  My brother also went into cahoots with JodiMichelle.com and had her deliver two new pumpkins to Abbi on Saturday morning.  I’m well aware that I have the best brother and best friend in the world!

So, the four year old bought the deer story and has eventually gotten over the whole ordeal, thanks to the replacement pumpkins, but I haven’t.  I’m still so pissed!  I wish I could believe the deer story myself because then I wouldn’t be glaring at every teenager who drives by my house.  PUNKS!

All I can say to those little punks, besides that I hope they threw their backs out carrying the pumpkins away from my house, is that I hope, one day when they become parents, they never have to see the heartbreaking look of disappointment on their kids face when someone comes by and steals their pumpkins!

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  • That is such a bummer! I have had pumpkins stolen every year I tried to put them out for decorations, but I can’t believe someone would take such large ones & how sad that they were homegrown! :(

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