2010 09/09

Why Moms Would Make a Good President

No matter how politics change year after year, one thing remains the same — the President is always under some sort of scrutiny.  It doesn’t matter if they are Republican or Democrat.  It doesn’t even matter if they are in office any more!  As a general public, we love to criticize those in charge or those who have been in charge.

So, that got me wondering, who could possibly be our ideal President?  Who could really handle the job?  Of course….a Mom!  If anyone has the most ideal Presidential resume, it has got to be a mom!!!

Here’s why and in no particular order:

1. We know how to mediate almost any situation

2. We are used to people (ages 2 – 100) questioning our every move, mood, and decision

3. We are accustomed to not spending any time alone so having the secret service with us all day every day shouldn’t be an issue

4.  We are used to doing a whole lot of work with very little pay or appreciation

5.  We’ve gotten pretty good at cleaning up everyone else’s messes

6.  We have eyes in the back of our heads

7.  We know that sometimes people just need a good ‘time-out’ when attitudes get sour

8.  And if a ‘time-out’ doesn’t work, then a mandatory nap will do the trick

9.  We know that the job needs to get done even though we are exhausted, haven’t showered in two days, and we know that we will receive little, if any, appreciation when the job is finished

10.  We quickly realized that calling in sick is not an option

11.  Some times a smile, hug, or simple compliment can keep us going

12.  You name the “job” and we’ve probably done it — chauffeur, chef, cleaning, accountant, nurse, judge, jury, coach, seamstress, teacher, personal assistant, law maker, lobbyist, decorator, designer, secretary, etc. — and those are just within our family life!

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