2010 29/10

Baby Einstein iPhone App {Friday Favorites + Giveaway}

Congratulations Laura! You are the winner of the iTunes Gift Card! You will be receiving an email from me shortly about claiming your prize. It’s like crack for babies and toddlers! Crack that envelopes all of their attention with it’s music and puppets and little toys dancing across the screen! It’s a beautiful, wonderful thing. […]

2010 28/10

Last Minute Halloween Treat Idea

Growing up I remember my Great Aunt Margie making us these little Halloween treat bags for when we came to her house trick-or-treating. They weren’t anything much but they were special. Different. Just for us. I loved that! As a mom of a preschooler, I love the idea of doing fun little themed treats for […]

2010 27/10

The School Costume

We compromised! Finally, after much debate and a pretty irritated mommy, Abbi and I came up with a costume she could wear to her Imagination Day Celebration (aka. Halloween Party) at school! Originally she was going to be Tinker Bell and then, somewhere in the last week or two, she decided she no longer wanted […]

2010 27/10

Halloween Memories, new and old

I love Halloween.  I really do.  Despite the bad wrap it often gets as a holiday about evil things and candy (especially in my area), I still love it.  I have good memories of Halloween from growing up, which, if you know my story, is a good thing.  Of course my girls love Halloween as […]

2010 26/10

When do you shop for Christmas cards?

Do you realize that Christmas is just two months away? Two months!  I won’t even ask the question of if you’re ready for it because, well, I’m certainly not!  As much as I love the Christmas season, I’m strictly a one-holiday-at-a-time kind of girl!  No talk of turkey until the Halloween candy has been collected […]

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