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Perfect Mom-to-be Gifts

There are so many things to look forward to during your pregnancy and one of those is undeniably the baby shower! Seriously, who doesn’t love gifts? It’s so nice to know that that is one less outfit, washcloth, or necessity that you won’t have to go out and buy! And there is usually cake…mmmm! Cake!

The catch? Most moms only get a baby shower for their first child. It makes sense. You typically hold on to most of your baby items until you’re sure you’re done having children and you can reuse most of those items with the next child. So there’s no need to have another shower for the second or third or fourth child. But, does that mean that we shouldn’t still get the mom-to-be (again) a gift? After all, each birth should be a celebration.

Here are a few of my favorite gift ideas for moms — new or veteran:

1. Cleaning Service

Regardless of how many kids “mom” has at home, cleaning doesn’t really hit the priority list when the new baby is brought home.  When baby is finally down for a nap, the last thing mom wants to do is scrub the bathtub or haul out the vacuum.  Getting “mom” a gift certificate to a local cleaning service is a perfect way to ease her mind and take that burden off of her!

2.  Babysitting

There are a few different ways to offer babysitting:

  • Offer to take the older kid(s) out so mom and baby can get some time to rest at home and the older kid(s) gets a special day away!
  • Offer to watch the baby.  Most new moms won’t want to let the newborn out of her sight so offer to come to her house to watch the baby so she can get a much needed nap or shower.
  • Know of a responsible sitter (your teenager or a girl from your neighborhood)?  Hire them to go to your friend’s house to watch the kids so she and her husband can get a quiet dinner out!
  • 3.  Diaper Service

    If she’s planning on doing cloth diapers, look into a local diaper laundry service to lend a hand.  If she’s doing disposables, check out gift certificates to Diapers.com — she can order the diapers right on line and doesn’t have to leave the house!

    4.  Meals

    People love to bring new moms meals after their first child is born but don’t forget about them mom who is bringing home her third or fourth or fifth child!  Those are the moms that really need those meals because cooking is the last thing she wants to do after taking care of a newborn and the other little ones in the house.  Here are some options:

  • Bring dinner for the whole family.  Don’t forget to make it kid friendly if they have other kids in the house.
  • Bring the new mom lunch!  Again, even making a sandwich most days is a hassle and leftovers can get a little old!
  • Order lunch or dinner from their favorite restaurant and deliver it or have it delivered to them.
  • Offer to bring her her favorite snack or coffee from her favorite place.
  • And the best option — Combine #4 with #2!  Bring the family a meal and offer to stick around to help feed and watch the baby & older siblings!  Have mom and dad sneak into another room to enjoy a quiet and hot meal at home!!!
  • 5.  Pamper her

    After a long 9 months of pregnancy and delivering a baby, this little mamma could use a little pampering!  However, the new mom may not be ready quite yet to leave the house on her own so, again, we have a few options!

  • Get her a gift certificate to a local salon/spa for a massage, pedicure, manicure, or a fresh cut/color!  She can use the gift at her leisure, when she’s ready for a few hours away.
  • Call your local salon/spa and see if they do in-home visits!  Bring the spa to your friend so she can get a little pampering without having to leave her newborn.
  • 6. A Keepsake

    Again, most people think of giving baby gifts after the first baby is born and just figure that mom and dad don’t need anything for the next one.  While this might be true in some respects, a keepsake is always nice to have with each child.  Some ideas:

  • A nice picture frame engraved with the baby’s name or birth information. ThingsRemembered.com has some great options!
  • A hand stamped necklace or charm to add to the necklace she already has with the new baby’s name. Etsy is a great place to look for handmade jewelry.  Two of my favorite designers are Lisa Leonard Designs and Studio Jewel.
  • A handprint set.  Your local craft store probably has some great plaster or clay options!
  • A gift certificate to Shutterfly or Snapfish that she can use to order prints of the new baby or create a baby book online!
  • 7.  Photography

    Capturing those newborn moments on film is something that every parent wants to do but many parents either don’t have the time, forget about it, or just don’t have the equipment to do so.  A great gift option is to give them a gift certificate for a free photo session with their favorite photographer or a photographer you know.  Many photographers will come right to your home to do the setting, once again making it easier on the parent!

    8.  Movie Night

    New parents or families who have brought now a new little one quickly realize that they will spend quite a bit more time at home, especially if they are bringing home baby during the winter months.  Combine a lack of sleep with the thought of packing up all that stuff to take baby on an outing….it’s no wonder why parents of newborns become hermits for a few months!  Help make those nights at home a little more fun by giving them the gift of movies!  Gift certificates to an online movie rental site, like Netflix.com, is a great way for them to get movies delivered right to their home!

    9.  Run her errands

    Packing up baby (and the other kids) to “quick” run some errands is always easier said than done!  So, offer to run her errands for her once a week for a month.  Have her make a list of the things she needs done (deposit at the bank, grocery shopping, run to the post office, pick up dry cleaning, picking up a new book from the library), stop by her house to pick up the list and items, and then go to work getting them done for her!  In reality it will probably only take you an hour or so (and often times you can do it in conjunction with your own errands) but you’ll be saving her a ton of time and hassle!

    10. Update those old gifts

    Depending on how long it’s been since she’s had her last baby, some of those baby gifts she got at her first baby shower might need to be updated!  With recalls and updated or eco-friendly materials being used in products, it might be time for her to update a few of those key products she’s using every day.  Some of these items include slings or baby carriers, bottles, and teethers.  Don’t be afraid to ask her if there are some items she’d like updated or if their are items that she didn’t get/use with the previous baby but would like now.  Each pregnancy and baby is different and she might decide to use cloth/reusable diapers this time around.  It doesn’t hurt to ask and then you’ll know you’re getting her something practical that she can really use!

    What are your thoughts?  What gifts did you get that you loved? Which gifts do you wish you had gotten?

    I’m linking this list up with Oh Amanda‘s Top Ten Tuesday this week.

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