2010 05/10

Pumpkins and Ghosts

After my hopes of making these cute little acorn pumpkins with Abbi for all of the kids in her class were thwarted by some little worm-like larva (i.e. weevils) crawling out of them {gagging}, I found these!

Pumpkin/Ghost Jar Craft

The instructions are perfectly written on Skip To My Lou’s site but here are the modifications I made:

    1. We used the baby food jars we had sitting in our basement, which were the taller jars. Any size will work.
    2. We coated the jars with Elmer’s Glue (Skip To My Lou mixes Elmer’s Glue with Mod Podge. I think the glue will be just fine and I’m hoping it all holds together until at least Halloween!)
Pumpkin/Ghost Jar Craft
    3. After the jars were coated with glue, we wrapped them in orange or white tissue paper.  Skip To My Lou suggests crepe paper but I thought the tissue paper might be a little easier for both girls to work with.  Also, tissue paper was the only thing our little grocery store carried.  It worked.  And I’m more likely to use the tissue paper for other crafts or gift bags…the crepe paper would probably have been a waste for me.
    * Note: Make sure you have the tissue paper cut or torn into the strips you’re going to use before coating the jars because that glue can dry quickly if you’re not ready!
    4. Cut out and add whatever shape eyes, nose, and mouth you like!  This is the fun part because you can make them take on whatever personality you wish!  We might go back and do a few more pumpkins with some different faces but the girls really wanted ‘traditional’ looking pumpkins today.
    *Note: Skip To My Lou suggests coating the decorated jars with another coat of Mod Podge or clear spray paint.  I didn’t do this because we weren’t using real candles….see below.
Pumpkin/Ghost Jar Craft
    5. Drop in little tea-lite candles and enjoy!  But wait…I’m going to recommend something other than candles if you want to illuminate your little pumpkins or ghosts.  I found these little LED lights at the dollar store and they work great.  Now, I don’t know how long they will last but I can turn them off and on to save the battery and can always just go buy more if need be.  The nice thing is that I don’t have to worry about the excess tissue paper on the top of the jar catching on fire.
Pumpkin/Ghost Jar Craft

And here is the finished product!

Pumpkin/Ghost Jar Craft

The girls loved doing the project!  I loved how quickly it went and how easy it was!!!  The really nice thing is that most of this stuff you’ll probably have at home or can pick up from the dollar store pretty inexpensively!

Shopping/Supply List:

    • baby food jars (ask friends if you don’t have any lying around)
    • Elmer’s glue
    • Sponge brushes, paint brushes, or cut up a sponge
    • tissue paper (you won’t need much)
    • black construction paper or just use white paper and have the kids color the face pieces black (if they color with marker, be careful when you glue them on)
    • tea-light candles or some sort of other lighting option
    • green pipe-cleaners (these are not in the pictures because I added them later as little stems and vines)

*Update: Looking now at the Pumpkin, Ghost, and the latest addition of the Frankenstein all together, I would definitely suggest wrapping the tissue paper around the jar a few times. The glue will hold a few layers on the jar.


  • So cute!! Makes me wish I had kids to make these with :( I wonder if my husband will make them with me? :)

  • Megan, you should totally make these! I’m thinking of making some out of larger canning jars for some decorations!

  • So cute! I bet my kids would love this. You can even use green and make like a Frankenstein head or I guess it could kinda be a witch too.

  • Connie, I was trying to figure out a witch too. With the LED lights inside instead of candles it shouldn’t be a problem to put a little hat on top.

    The Frankenstein sounds great, too! Maybe that will be our project for next week! I just need to find a few more babyfood jars!

  • LOVE. I so want to make some but wouldn’t have anywhere to store them. :( Maybe I could soak off the tissue paper and then keep re-doing it in decor-matching paper in between holidays?

  • Jolon — I would think that if you went with the Elmer’s Glue and tissue paper, that it would pretty easy to peel and wash off! I will probably try doing that after Halloween so we can reuse the jars for a Thanksgiving or Christmas project!

  • Looking now at the Pumpkin, Ghost, and the latest addition of the Frankenstein (http://www.staceysays.com/2010/10/frankensteins/) I would definitely suggest wrapping the tissue paper around the jar a few times. The glue will hold a few layers on the jar.

  • I love these. I know my granddaughters would enjoy this Halloween craft.

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