2010 15/11

Cheap Entertainment via the Dog

It’s Monday morning and the list of “to-do’s” in front of me is very daunting. After being gone for three days my house is in need of some serious cleaning, I still have more laundry to do (despite doing multiple loads yesterday), the cupboards and fridge need to be restocked, and I’m behind on writing. Aiyiyi!

So, what it is that I’m doing instead?  I’m watching my dog be a complete screw-ball!  And it’s very entertaining!

I gave him a new rawhide this morning, knowing I would be in for some laughs.  Here is his routine:

I toss the rawhide on the floor for him.

He looks at me…not sure if he’s waiting for the ‘g0-ahead’ to get the rawhide or if he’s trying to say ‘thank-you’.

He spends the next several minutes prancing and jumping around the rawhide.  Pouncing at it as if it were going to get up and run away from him.

Then he spends the next 20 or 30 minutes hiding the rawhide.  This is the part that completely perplexes me!  He’s trying to bury the stupid thing in the house!  I’m not exactly sure why because we don’t have any other dogs in the house that might take his new treasure away from him and neither the kinds nor I are really paying any attention to it either.  I can only guess that this is something that is a part of a dog’s natural make-up.  So, he walks around, trying to act all stealthy, and will hide his rawhide in the toy box.  But wait!  That’s not a good spot!  So, 10 seconds later he gets it out and hides it in the girls’ dress-up box.  Nope, into his kennel it goes.  Nope!  Off to one of the bedrooms he takes it.  This goes on and on and on until finally he realizes that he would much rather be munching on that rawhide than trying to hide it or until he hides it in a place that he can’t recover it from and needs my help.

And now he will spend the next few hours gnawing on that thing, looking up every once in a while to make sure no one is planning to take it from him.

This is his routine every single time.  And I find it comical every single time!

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  • We have a newfoundland that does the hiding thing. It will take him days to find the right spot. And strangely enough, our other dog doesn’t touch the treats he hides, even though sometimes they are in plain sight.

  • I’m so glad to hear that our dog is not a complete lunatic!

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