2010 30/11

Failed. Times two.

Yesterday I had my 28 week appointment with my OB and, along with the regular weight check, heartbeat, and measurements, I also had my 1 hour glucose screening.  I know, really good idea after a holiday weekend of all things food!  If you’ve never been pregnant (hello 2 male readers), the glucose screening entails drinking this sugar concentrate solution within 10 minutes and then having your blood tested.  The purpose is to see how well your body processes sugar while pregnant, indicating whether you might be in danger of having gestational diabetes.

Apparently my body sucks at processing sugar because I failed the test.  Miserably!  They want to see your levels no higher than 140.  Mine was 190.  Damn it!  And I have no one to be mad at but myself.  Yes, I’ve eaten more sugar than I probably should have this pregnancy but I’m also not gaining nearly the amount of weight I did in my first two pregnancies!  I just don’t get it.  I think that pregnancy just takes a toll on my body and, with each additional pregnancy, my body becomes more and more rundown.  It’s no secret that each pregnancy has proven to be hard on my body than the previous one.  

Oh, and I failed my iron test too!  Thus the “times two” in the title.  This one came as no surprise to me though because my iron has always been low.  Of course my OB threw all of the “worse case scenerios” out to me — baby sucking more and more of my iron, bleeding during delivery, blood transfusions — and suggested I take an iron supplement.  I’m thinking I’ll focus on getting more iron rich foods into my diet first.

So where do we go from here?  They’ll test my iron levels again in a few weeks to make sure my iron level is not going any lower and is hopefully going up.  As far as the glucose and gestational diabetes stuff goes, well, I now get to sit through a three hour glucose screening which sucks major behind!  I had to do this when I was pregnant with Zoe.  They tried to make me feel better, telling me it was like getting a three hour break to just sit and relax.  Except that I have to sit at the hospital lab.  And eat nothing for 12 hours before or during the 3 hour test.  Oh, but I get to drink concentrated orange flavored sugar crap once an hour for three hours.  And then I get to have my blood taken three times.  Oh, yes, quite a break!  I’m pretty sure I could come up with a thousand other things I’d like to do during those three hours.  Not to mention that I also need to find someone to watch the girls while I’m “enjoying” this little break.  Yeah, good times.

I have no idea how this will all turn out.  Like I said, I failed the 1 hour test while pregnant with Zoe and then passed the 3 hour test.  It could go either way this time.  I’m trying not to stress out about right now.  We’ll figure it all out after I get my results when I do the test next week.

The silver lining from my appointment though…my OB is willing to be a little more flexible with my due date (not jumping at the C-section if I happen to be a day or two over my due date) if everything checks out ok with the 3 hour glucose test.  And, as I did when pregnant with Zoe, I will be getting another ultrasound at 37 weeks to check the size and position of baby boy.  Normally this wouldn’t be so exciting for me but the last minute ultrasound means that we get a little more reassurance that this baby is indeed a boy!



    i hope you pass the 3 hour one!! I will be diligently sending your pancreas support.

  • Good luck on the 3 hour one. I had to do it too and it such a pain in the rear! Try not to worry!

  • So sorry :( I was iron deficient too and was too low to get caught up just by diet – so I took the suppliments but you may know… that causes other problems.

    There is one they sell at the health food store that is actually made of iron from food sources (imagine!) that are way easier on your system than the prescription iron pills. It’s called Ferr-e, or something; let me know if you want me to look and I’ll find out for you. It’s been a while and I forgot the name :)

  • Thanks ladies! Again, I really have no one to blame but myself!

    And thanks for the Iron supplement info Jen! I’ll check our local health food store to see what they offer and I’m going to check with my chiropractor, too!

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