2010 23/11

Pregnancy: The best part

The best part about being pregnant this time around has not been eating pizza in bed at 10pm or picking up a few new outfits for the fall/winter. Oh, the pizza has been nice, but it’s not the best part. The absolute, without a doubt, best part has been sharing this pregnancy with our daughters!!!

Abbi (almost 5 yrs) has so many thoughtful questions about the baby and how life will be after baby arrives.  She’s also the first one to tell you that I have a baby in my belly (as if that one isn’t pretty self-explanatory) and that it is a boy!  She’s pretty proud!!!

Both girls like to pray for the baby at bed time and send him hugs and kisses before they head off to bed.  All of these things warm my heart but then it is the little individual things they each do that completely melts me!

Abbi likes to place her little hands on my ever growing belly in hopes of feeling the baby kick.  She gives my belly a little nudge or push and then eagerly awaits her baby brother to kick back.  I wonder if that is foreshadowing things to come…

Zoe, oh Zoe!  Zoe, in her cute little 2 year old voice, likes to ask me if she may “kiss your baby brother” and then gives my belly a little kiss.  She won’t say “may I kiss my baby brother” and she gets really confused when I correct her and tell her that it is “her” baby brother, not mine.  She looks at her belly and says, “no mom, your baby brother”.  I smile.  I understand what she means and how it confuses her.  So I simply tell her she may kiss baby brother, which she does, and then she gives my belly a little rub with her little hand and says, “I make you feel better.”

They are precious.  Each of them bonding with this life forming within me.  Both of them expanding their little hearts, creating more space to love this baby brother that they are so eager to meet.  I didn’t think it possible for me to love those two little girls any more than I already do and then, there they go, making my heart burst with love for them as they love this unknown baby.

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