2010 11/11

Traveling all by myself

I’m traveling this week. To LA (more on that later). By myself. I don’t know the last time I actually traveled by myself — at least someplace further than a few hours away, let alone on an airplane. I think it was college, which was more than 10 years ago.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve traveled since then but it’s always been with someone else…a friend, co-worker, my mom or sister, my husband, my kids. It feels weird to sit at the airport by myself. No one to watch my bags as I make one last trip to the bathroom before boarding. Or on the airplane — I so badly want someone to talk to about the guy a few rows up who is acting pretty sketchy, someone to calm my nerves. And I want someone to giggle with me as we watch the guy in the row in front of us who thinks he’s a rockstar!

It’s probably a good thing that I can’t be on Twitter while in the air! I’m sure I would drive my Twitter friends crazy! Ok, ok, here’s a sample of what I would have been saying…

  • Wow! The view of the mountains is amazing!
  • I would love to know exactly what or where we are flying over right now.
  • I wish I had remembered to pack my earbuds.
  • I feel bad for the big guy next to me because the guy in front of him reclined his seat and now he can’t reach his bag under the seat.
  • I’m so hungry but won’t pay $3 for a cookie or trail mix. Seriously! American Airlines, you are killing me!
  • Rockstar guy — quit brushing the hair you don’t have and turn down your music!
  • I’ve always thought it would be fun to be flight attendant…for like a day.
  • Wow, one of our flight attendants is pretty grumpy. Maybe I don’t want to be a flight attendant.

I’m sure it will be even more weird being at the hotel by myself. Although I am looking forward to room service and watching whatever I want on tv!

It’s just an odd feeling to be “alone” when you’re used to not even being able to pee without being interrupted by someone. It also makes me realize how much I love commeradery while traveling. I especially miss having my husband with me! All I want to do right now is snuggle into his shoulder and enjoy the view of the mountains below us. I don’t think the guy next to me would appreciate me doing that right now!

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  • I know EXACTLY what you mean! Even though it’s kind of nice to be alone for a while, I always have so much I wish I could experience with my husband, even if it is laughing at a Rock Star Guy :)

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