2010 31/12

2010, You done good!

Another year come and gone.  Crazy, isn’t it?  We’ve had a pretty fun, busy, and exciting year and I wanted to share a glimpse of that with you.  Have fun taking a look back with me! January: I kicked off 2010 celebrating New Year’s Eve and Day by painting Abbi’s bedroom very pink (her choice) […]

2010 30/12

Christmas Break is too long

Have you lost track of the day yet? Is it Wednesday? Thursday? Whatever day it is, we are ready for Christmas break to be over! All of us. Abbi asks everyday, “Mom, can I pleeeessseee go back to school today? Are we still breaking?” She’s ready. I’m ready. Even Zoe is ready. When you only […]

2010 23/12

Christmas Traditions: Ornaments

This is a tradition that I’ve noticed that a lot of families practice — Ornaments. We really didn’t have any traditions centered around ornaments growing up.  I know we had some ornaments on our tree that we made in preschool or elementary school, but nothing that really stands out to me. When we started our […]

2010 22/12

Christmas Traditions: Family time

Let’s be honest, how many of you cringe at the thought of having to spend time with family over the holidays?  The stress.  The drama.  It can tend to put a little grinchy-ness into the Christmas spirit.  Thankfully, I absolutely love our family Christmas get togethers! First and foremost, they are usually pretty low-key events! […]

2010 22/12

Wanted: Real Moms

I don’t know how else to say it other than – I want a group of real moms! I want to have a group of women who gets together over coffee or wine and talks about real issues.  The hard stuff.  The stuff that we’re not supposed to talk about.  The stuff that we deal […]

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