2010 30/12

Christmas Break is too long

Have you lost track of the day yet? Is it Wednesday? Thursday? Whatever day it is, we are ready for Christmas break to be over! All of us. Abbi asks everyday, “Mom, can I pleeeessseee go back to school today? Are we still breaking?” She’s ready. I’m ready. Even Zoe is ready. When you only go to school three mornings a week, two weeks is a long time!

I guess I don’t understand why Christmas break is so long to begin with. Most kids I know are ready to go back a week into their break. Maybe it changes as your kids get older and they can run off with their friends for the day or at least entertain themselves without your constant needing to keep them entertained. All day. Every day.

Maybe it would be different if Christmas and New Years hadn’t fallen on the weekend this year, which just kind of felt weird for some reason.

Maybe it would have been different if we had planned a vacation during this time and went away to somewhere fun and exciting. A change of pace.

Maybe it would be different if the kids hadn’t been sick for part of that break and are still trying to recover from that.

Maybe it would be different if we actually had some snow for them to go play in. Seriously, this whole scattered patches of nasty, melty, dirty snow is just not cutting it. And today? With the drizzly rain? Nope, I have no desire to have the kids out playing in the wet, muddy yard. No thanks.

Maybe it would be different if I weren’t 7+ months pregnant and have no energy to actually keep up with a 5 year old and a 2.5 year old.

We’ve all come to enjoy the little break we get from each other when Abbi goes to school. The girls need that little break from each other. Abbi needs the stimulation from the kids her own age and the structure of learning in school. Zoe needs the break from the bossiness of her older sister.

So, I’m all for shortening Christmas break. We are counting down the days until Monday when Abbi goes back to school. When our lives can get back to normal. When we all get our “breaks”.

How are you doing? Is Christmas break feeling entirely too long this year? Are you loving every minute of this break or are you ready for the kiddos to be back in school?

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  • You know what? I think it’s the ages of your kids. I had forgotten, but just a few years ago when we were ‘there’ Christmas break was hell. Now it seems too short :)

  • I had a feeling it was their ages. It doesn’t help that it seems like everyone was sick this break so scheduling play dates was pretty much impossible. Thanks, Jen, for giving me hope that it will get better in the years to come :)

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