2010 13/12

Christmas Perspective

The other day I heard Faith Hill’s “A Baby Changes Everything” on the radio.  It got me thinking about Mary.  A young girl who, engaged to be married, finds herself unwed and pregnant.  And that child she was carrying…the Messiah.  Oh, and if that weren’t enough, she finds out she needs to travel to Bethlehem with Joseph because of some crazy census.

Now, while those details are pretty solid, there are quite a few questions that don’t have definitive answers — How far along was Mary in her pregnancy when she traveled to Bethlehem?  Did she walk or ride a donkey? How long did it take for them to get there (most historians estimate the trip was between 80 – 100 miles)?  How long were they in Bethlehem before Mary gave birth? Lots of very educated men and women have devoted their professional years trying to determine the answers to those questions.  To me those specific answers don’t really matter much.

I’m 30 weeks pregnant.  While I can’t exactly empathize with what Mary was going through or feeling (hello, pregnant with the Savior?), I can relate to the being pregnant part.  I cannot image traveling 8 miles on a donkey or walking at this point, let alone 80!  Ok, let’s be honest…I couldn’t imagine traveling 0.8 miles on a donkey while pregnant!!!  Here I am, complaining about Braxton Hicks contractions and heart burn, telling my husband that we need to stop somewhere so I can pee every hour while on road trips, wanting to eat everything in sight and yet nothing sounds good.  It’s almost laughable!

Not to mention that I’ve also been through this whole pregnancy thing before.  Twice.  I have some sort of idea what to expect with it all.  This was Mary’s first pregnancy.  She didn’t have Twitter or Google to run to with questions.  She was alone.  But she did it.

I don’t know if she complained about it all.  If she whined nearly as much as I would have.  As I do.  Regardless, she did it.  She learned.  She accepted.  She traveled.  She labored. She birthed.  She loved.  She mothered.  And because of that, we celebrate.

A baby truly does change everything.

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