2010 02/12

It’s just noise!

I remember traveling with my grandma, whether it was a short trip to the grocery store or driving to Disney World, and asking why we couldn’t listen to the radio. Her response: “Because it’s just more noise!” I never understood that growing up. It wasn’t more noise! It was music! Then I had kids of my own and now I understand. It is, indeed, just more noise!

My kids do not stop talking or making some sort of noise from the minute they wake up to the minute they finally go to sleep at night.  No exaggeration needed!  Just spend one day with them and you’ll completely understand. Or maybe you have a few like that in your own home….But being in the car is the worse part of it all!  All that noise contained in one small area, competing with the noise of the road, competing with each other’s noise.  The very last thing I need is to have the noise from the radio adding to all of that chaos!

Now, don’t get me wrong, we do love jamming out to the radio or cds or iTunes together!  My girls love to sing and are quite fond of Taylor Swift these days.  I love hearing their little voices sing along to the radio and I love the fact that we can listen to music other than nursery rhymes!

I just completely understand what my grandma was talking about all those years ago…sometimes the radio is just that, more noise!  And, while I thought it was interesting to hear my grandma’s words come out of my mouth, I thought it was absolutely a riot to hear those exact same words come out of my husband’s mouth just the other day!

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