2010 10/12

Making Giving Easy with GiveBack

Do you consider yourself a “holiday giver” or a “year-round giver”? Or maybe you’re both. Here’s the distinction — a “holiday giver” is someone who does just that, gives during the holidays. Sure they may give here and there throughout the year but their big donating time happens from Thanksgiving to Christmas. Donating money to buy a Thanksgiving meal for the homeless, money in the Salvation Army bucket, Toys for Tots, or maybe just a big year-end financial gift to their favorite charity.

The “year-round giver” probably does some of that stuff too but they do more of the monthly donating to specific charity. The cool thing is….it doesn’t matter which one of those you are (or if you are both) because any giving is awesome!

We like to do both. There are certain ministries or charities that we try to give to consistently throughout the year but then I like to get my kids involved with special giving projects which usually happen around the holidays. I just think it’s fun to give back because, well, my family is pretty darn fortunate and blessed!

Now, let me be honest that giving isn’t always easy. Sometimes I forget. This is why I’m loving this new site called GiveBack! It makes giving to my favorite charities so easy!


So, why GiveBack?  What does GiveBack really do?

GiveBack was founded by Stephan Paletta this year.  You might remember him as the winner of Oprah’s Big Give, the 2008 tv show centered around giving.  His mission with GiveBack was to create a way that empowers people to give more money to the causes they were passionate about.  When giving is easy and convenient, it’s hard to find a reason not to do it!  You can read more about the GiveBack story here.

Here’s the gist on how GiveBack works:

♦  Create a free account at GiveBack.org (a “Foundation”).  Did you catch that little word in there?  It’s FREE!

♦  When you sign-up they automatically put $5 into your account to get your Foundation started.

♦  You can add more money to your Foundation account via a credit card OR you can make purchases at some of your favorite online shops and earn up to 15% of your purchase to be added to your Foundation account.

♦  Add charities to your list of charities and then choose how much and when to make those donations.  Your charity gets 100% of the donation (it doesn’t cost them anything)!  GiveBack covers all of those typical “overhead” costs through their sponsors.

♦  Not only do you get to add funds and donate in one easy and convenient place, but it’s all compiled into one receipt making tax time a little easier on you with less paperwork cluttering up your desk!


My favorite part about GiveBack is that I can earn money to donate to my favorite charities simply by shopping online. I love shopping online, especially around the holidays!  Heading out to the mall or any store being 7 months pregnant and with a preschooler and toddler is on my list of things I have no desire to do from November until January.  So, while I’m already planning on doing online shopping, why not also earn money for charity?  It’s a win/win situation.  Oh, and these are some obscure shops that I wouldn’t normally shop at.  We’re talking Gap, Target, The Children’s Place, Toys R Us, Disney Store, Shutterfly, Overstock, Canon…I could keep going but I think you get the point.  You can view all the participating online stores here.

It’s easy to see why GiveBack is my Friday Favorite this week!  Again, it’s easy, convenient, and helping others!!!  All good things in my book!  Happy Giving!!!

*You should know…I’m writing this post as a part of a campaign through One2One Network.  While I am not being compensated for this post, I do have the opportunity to win a gift card for sharing my opinions on GiveBack with you.  All opinions stated here are my own!

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