2010 09/12

The 3 hour test

So, here I sit.  In the lab waiting room at the hospital.  Waiting for another 40 minutes to pass so I can have my blood drawn for the third time.  If you hadn’t read before, I failed my one hour glucose test last week and now I must do the three hour glucose test.  Basically I had to come in to the hospital, have my blood drawn, drink a nasty orange flavored glucose solution in 5 minutes, and then have my blood drawn once an hour for three hours.  I know, fun times.  All this to make sure I don’t have gestational diabetes.

The blood draws and wasting 3 hours of my day is just a nuisance, but everything else around this test sucks!  Get ready for some serious whining!

The waiting room chairs are very uncomfortable.  Right now I’m actually sitting on the floor. I should tell you that when I had to do this test when I was pregnant with Zoe, I did it at a different lab and they gave me a private little room with a bed and tv.  I wish I were there now.

I’m extremely tired (probably from the lack of food in my body since 6pm last night) and am fighting off waves of nausea (once again probably from lack of food and having nothing but a glucose drink in my stomach).  If I do throw up during this test then I automatically fail and will have to reschedule for another time. Pretty sure this is psyching me out and making the nausea worse.

The tv in this waiting room is turned to Fox News.  Ok, I have nothing against Fox News but I’m really tired of hearing the same stories over and over again!  As soon as I have this waiting room to myself I’m changing the channel! Wonder if that will even happen…

And, to top it all off, after my first blood draw this morning the little bandage on my arm came off and I bled all over the arm of my favorite shirt — my wrap from Bumpstyle.  Yeah, I’m quite the bleeder.  So now I get to research how to get blood out of a shirt.  Any suggestions?

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