2011 06/01

A baby shower, with a twist!

"Ready for Baby" Virtual Baby Shower

Baby showers are such an interesting custom.  Some people love the.  Some people hate them.  Some people plan them for before the baby arrives, while others wait until after the baby arrives.  Then there’s the whole topic of having a baby shower for each pregnancy.  This is the one that baffles me.

I’ve only known it as having a baby shower for your first born.  Not that people aren’t excited for your second or third or fourth born, they just feel that you’re already gotten all the gifts you need or hung on to stuff from the previous babies.  So what’s the point of having a baby shower for the other babies?  Well, that’s the question, isn’t it?  What is the point of a baby shower? Is it to get gifts so you don’t have to buy everything yourself?  Is it a time for your friends and family to see you pleasantly plump and offer up unwanted advice? Or is it a time to just celebrate that little bundle of gooshiness to come?

I’d like to think it’s the latter and that we should have a “baby shower” type celebration for each baby, whether it’s your first or fifth.  So, that’s what I’m doing!

This month I am throwing a baby shower.  Well, actually two.  Yes, I said I am throwing the baby showers.  Me.  Seems a little self-indulgent but hang with me here on this one!

Baby Shower – In Real Life:

On January 22 I am hosting a lunch for my friends, family, and some people I don’t even really know!  While this will be a time to celebrate this little baby-to-be, it is also going to be a time for my guests to learn about an amazing local program called Teen Moms. Teen Moms, or Teen Parents, is a division of Youth for Christ (where I used to work) that works with pregnant and parenting teens.  They help meet the emotional, spiritual, social, and physical needs of these young women who find themselves in this tough situation.  It’s an amazing program!

As a part of the baby shower I am asking my guests to forego bringing gifts for me and, instead, bring items to donate to the Teen Moms program (diapers, wipes, gift cards, etc).  Don’t get me wrong, I would love to fill our nursery closet with cute little boy clothes but I’m already feeling very blessed with what we have and this is an opportunity for me to give back.

Here is probably the best part about this baby shower:  I am able to host this baby shower benefiting Teen Moms because of an amazing contest I won through iVillage!  I entered this “Ultimate Baby Shower” contest earlier this fall and, to my complete amazement, I won.  The winnings from this contest is helping to make this shower even possible!

Virtual Baby Shower:

While I’m very excited about my “in-real-life” baby shower benefitting Teen Moms, I didn’t want to necessarily leave out all my wonderful online friends and blog readers in the celebration.  Thus the idea of the “Ready for Baby” Virtual Baby Shower was born!

It’s a pretty straight-forward concept. Starting Monday, January 10, until Friday, February 4, I will be writing (each weekday) about some fun baby products here at StaceySays. Most of those posts will include some amazing giveaways!!! That’s nearly 20 days of giveaways!!!

Entering the giveaways are so easy.  And did I mention that the prizes were amazing?  If you are pregnant, expecting to get pregnant, have a pregnant lady in your life, recently had a baby, have a friend who recently had a baby, or just want to stock up on some potential gifts for future baby showers or babies, then this event is for you!

Each day a new post featuring a new product will go up.  If you don’t already subscribe to my RSS, now is a great time to do that so you don’t miss any of the giveaways.  I’ll also be posting the giveaways on my sidebar under the “Ready for Baby” section.

There you have it!  That’s what I’ve been busy planning for the past few weeks and what will be keeping me busy for the next few weeks!

Oh, and if you are in the West Michigan area and would like to attend the Baby Shower benefitting Teen Moms, please let me know!  Just send me an email at staceysays {at} me.com.


  • I think my original comment got lost — so here goes again!
    First I wanted to say how much I love your blog and have enjoyed entering many of your wonderful giveaways at the Virtual Baby Shower. It is incredible the prizes! I’m really excited to have the chance to win!

    I hope you had a nice baby shower luncheon. That is so generous of you to share your prize iVillage shower, what a wonderful thing to do that I am sure blessed many people.

    I had a shower with my first child, but haven’t had any more for my other babies. I’m due in May with my 4th and it seems like any baby stuff I have is on its last legs! Plus there is so much fun and cute stuff out there, it’s impossible not to want it. :) And I swear new baby items are invented every day – there is SO MUCH neat stuff out there, and you actually have a TON for grabs on your virtual shower. Amazing!

    Thank you again for hosting the Virtual Baby Shower! —Nicole

  • Thanks Nicole! Good luck with the giveaways! I have a few more coming yet this week and then maybe even a few more after the Virtual Baby Shower ends!

  • Thank you for hosting the Virtual Baby Shower! . i love it.

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