2011 04/01

Full Circle

Let’s start with a little flashback:

When I was younger, much younger, and I couldn’t sleep for some reason (bad dream or wasn’t feeling well), I would often grab my blanket and pillow and make my way into my parents’ room.  I would snuggle in next to my mom’s side of the bed, on the floor, and spend the rest of the night sleeping there.  I don’t ever remember my mom stepping on me come morning but I’m sure it’s because she just got used to the potential of one of us being there.

Now, fast-forward to last night.

I thought I heard the youngest moving around but figured she was just unsettled and restless in her bed.  A little while later I heard something else.  Someone, someone little, was in our room.  But I wasn’t being kicked or crowded in the bed so I knew one of them hadn’t crawled into bed with us.  I got up and, to my surprise, found both little ones curled up, sleeping at the foot of our bed.  On the floor.  

The oldest was snuggled in with the dog, using him as a pillow, and the youngest was snuggled in next to her sister with her blankets, bee Pillow Pet, and stuffed puppy.  Instant flash back.

I asked them why they were in our room and their response, “We wanted to sleep in here.”  Honestly, if I weren’t 7+ months pregnant and already uncomfortable just lying by myself, I would have scooped them up and snuggled them into our bed with us.  However, being only 2am and knowing we all needed decent sleep, we scooped them up and placed them back in their beds.

I wonder if we’ll have more of these kind of nights.  Nights where they just want to be near us.  Nights where they are willing to sleep on a hard floor just to be with us.  I hope so.  And it makes me thankful we have a king size bed so we can scoop them up and snuggle them in between us.

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