2011 27/01

Here’s to a new adventure

It is amazing how much can change in a year.  Just 365 days.  No, this isn’t about resolutions or New Year’s goals.  This is about starting an adventure, ending an adventure, and looking forward to new adventures.

Almost a year ago, in January 2010, I met my dear friend Jodi for coffee.  A little sanity time away from the kids.  A few hours later we announced that we were planning  a blogging conference.  Yup, that’s how we role!  I mean, why not?  We don’t really have any blogging/social media conferences in our area and, well, Jodi and I are always up for a challenge!

So, the planning began.  We had just five months to create this conference (Gleek Retreat), find a location, get people excited and willing to pay to come to it, schedule speakers, convince companies to sponsor it…oh, and somewhere in there we still had to say Hi to our husbands, keep our kids fed, and maybe get an hour or two of sleep!  PHEW!  Good news is, we did it.  In just five months, we did it!  Adventure started!!!

After taking a few weeks off in the summer to catch up on family and sleep, Jodi and I reconvened to talk about Gleek Retreat 2011.  But other things occupied that conversation and our conversations in the next months.  Jodi — selling her house….sold her house…building a new house…sold that house…travel.  Me — pregnant…due just a few months before Gleek Retreat 2011.

Yes, we both love a challenge but we’re not crazy!  Well, ok, that one might still be up for debate.  Nevertheless, we knew we’d need some help if we were to pull off Gleek Retreat 2011.  So, we approached Julie, another local blogger from DutchBeingMe.com.  She excitedly agreed to jump into this with us.  Fast forward a few months and our focus changed from Julie just jumping in as a member of the team to fully embracing Gleek Retreat 2011.

Now, just under a year after we started this thing called Gleek Retreat, we have sold Gleek Retreat to Julie!

Julie at Gleek Retreat sale

*photo courtesy of jodimichelle

Adventure closed. This is all sorts of exciting and scary and sad and joyful.  So many emotions!  We are so excited for Julie and for the future of Gleek Retreat.  We know the conference is going to be amazing and continue to grow.  I’m excited to attend the conference as a participant this year instead of a planner but, honestly, that’s still going to be a little weird!

Gleek Retreat

*photo courtesy of jodimichelle

Now I’m looking forward to the next big adventure.  First up, welcoming home our son in a few weeks (or days).  Then, who knows!  I loved working with Jodi on Gleek Retreat and am hoping we will find a new project to work on together soon!  In the mean time, I’m excited to check out a few other conferences and what else this social media/blogging world has in store.


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