2011 24/01

It could mean nothing, but just in case

I was really hoping to post a non-pregnancy post for y’all but I also wanted to give you an update on the pregnancy after my OB appointment today.  So, skip this post if you’re tired of hearing about pregnancy and babies.  I’ll try to get you something non-pregnancy yet this week!

So, here’s the update.

After an hour long appointment today (most of which was me just waiting for the nurse and then waiting for the OB), it turns out that I am 3 centimeters dilated (you start pushing when you’re 10 centimeters), somewhere around 60% effaced (I can’t remember exactly what the doctor said on that one), and measuring at 40 weeks.

The 40 weeks part kind of threw me for a loop!  I’ve been measuring exactly on time up until today.  For those who don’t quite understand what I’m talking about…the OB basically measures the uterus and the measurement should pretty much match how far along you are.  So, if you’re 30 weeks pregnant, you should be measuring at about 30. Forty weeks is considered full term. I technically should be measuring at 36 weeks.  I’m measuring at full term now.  This could be due to a few things.  Baby could have just done a lot of growing over the past two weeks OR I could just have produced more amniotic fluid.  It doesn’t necessarily mean I’m at my due date or going into labor.

What does this all mean.  Absolutely nothing really.  I could go into labor at any time or could be sitting here pregnant for four more weeks.  I have an ultrasound next Monday afternoon to check the size of the baby.  If baby looks good, then my OB will talk to us about naturally inducing.  Because of my previous C-section (5 years ago), I cannot go through the typical induction methods like Pitocin.  If I don’t go into labor by the time my due date hits (which is flexible and will be determined more so after my ultrasound), then we have to look at another C-section.

And that’s it.  No clear cut answers.  Which is pretty much how it goes when you’re pregnant.  But, in the mean time…just to be safe…I’m going to keep trucking along at packing my hospital bag and making sure everything is lined up for the girls and the dog for when I do actually go into labor.

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