2011 05/01

Taking 2011 by storm. Or not.

I had every intention of embracing this New Year.  Just like most people, I wanted to go into 2011 with a clean slate.  But I think my slate was more literal.

Last weekend my list of “slate cleaning” activities was packed full — take down decorations, clean the house top to bottom, do the recycling, get groceries for the entire week, wash the mounds of laundry plaguing our house.  I had a plan.  But then that plan was thwarted by yet another sick child!

Seriously, these kids have been sick off and on all Christmas break! I blame the crappy Michigan weather that can’t seem to make up it’s mind, whether it’s going to be 50 degrees and sunny or 20 degrees and bitter cold wind.  It’s seriously messing with my girls!  I also blame Santa’s elves who must have injected my kids with too much sugar and less than healthy foods for the past few weeks.

Regardless who’s to blame, my efforts to kick 2011 into gear were stopped and, instead, I’ve been easing into the New Year.  I guess I’m taking 2011 not by storm but more like a slow and mostly random snow fall.  Instead of tackling all of my cleaning ambitions in one day, I’ve been done just one thing each day.  Which is probably for the best since my energy levels are steadily declining with each passing day of this pregnancy.

So, while 2011 hasn’t quite started off with the bang I had planned, I am looking forward to the goals Tim and I have set out for the year.  Not resolutions.  Resolutions have a bad rap.  We’re setting goals.  Resolutions sound so rigid: either you achieve them or you fail.  Goals feel a bit more flexible.  I like flexible!  So here are a few of our/my 2011 goals:

  1. Get everything in line and prepared for the arrival of the baby in February (I’m starting to feel a little panicked on this since we only have about 6 or 7 weeks left.  More on this later.)
  2. Have a safe delivery with baby boy and truly embrace our family of 5.
  3. Go on a fun family vacation — Not sure what that looks like quite yet but I’m guessing it might be something with renting an RV for a week or two.  I just want to get out of the state and spend some time together.  I say this now, but ask me about this again when I have a newborn who’s not sleeping through the night.
  4. Work on growing my blog — I’m excited about some upcoming “events” on here and in real life!
  5. Stop just deleting crap/spam/unwanted emails from my inbox and actually unsubscribe to them.
  6. Work on balancing my online time vs. my time with my girls.  Always a battle.
  7. Continue to work our “debt snowball”, both in our personal finances and our business finances.
  8. Have a HUGE garage sale this Spring and rid my house of all this clutter.
  9. Support Tim as he retrains his body and mind in the world of health and nutrition.  This means stretching my abilities as a cook, grocery shopper, and meal planner!  Also, it means finding a balance between my pregnancy cravings of pizza at 11pm and him trying to eliminate certain foods and patterns from his diet.  Aiyiyi!

That seems to be a decent size list to start with.  Some of those goals will be definite “finish date” attainable goals while others will be stretched out over this year and next year and maybe even the year after that.  But as I said, they are flexible!  Oh, maybe that should be my tenth goal…to be more flexible!

So, what are your goals or resolutions for 2011? And how are you feeling about this New Year, just five days into it?  Looking pretty good or are you wanting a “do-over”?

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  • Oh this is inspiring!

    I think my goals are something like this:

    *Stick to our cash budget, no hanky panky between envelopes.
    *Learn how to shrink my grocery bill (coupons, planning etc)
    *Eat more fermented foods (weird I know, but it’s supposedly uber healthy for me)
    *Rewrite some of the “first impression” content on my site and get a bit more organized about how I share that – tags, favorite posts etc.
    *Travel more!

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