2011 01/02

February Goals

Wow! The first month of 2011 is behind us. Crazy! CAH-RAZY! The craziest thing is that we are now just days away from having this baby. The start of a new month also means a new set of goals.

Last month my goals were to get my email in box under control and to get into a pattern with cooking.  I’m happy to say that I really did stay on top of my email!  The thought was that my email was getting so cluttered up with newsletters and blast emails that I somehow subscribed to.  Instead of “unsubscribing” to these emails I would just delete them and then grimace every time one of those emails would come through again.  

I figured that if I dedicated a month to focusing on unsubscribing to those emails rather than just deleting them, then I would create a pattern for myself and would continue to do it.  So far, so good.

Now the cooking issue.  Well, the outcome wasn’t so good.  I really did try and the husband’s new diet was definitely helping.  But then he got super busy at work, which kept him working late and missing dinners pretty much for the majority of the month.  And that’s where my meal planning and scheduled cooking ended.

The upside for January, besides the email stuff, was that I did manage to stay on top of my weekly to-do’s, including getting pretty much everything in order for baby to arrive and hosting the Benefit Baby Shower.

So, February…

February’s Goals:

  1. Get the hospital and overnight bags packed and birth this baby — hopefully sooner rather than later!
  2. Remember to spend focused time with the girls. I really don’t want their needs to be shadowed by the baby.
  3. Start approaching companies as potential sponsors for some upcoming conferences.

What kind of goals are you setting for yourself this month?  How are you doing with the goals you’ve set so far?

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  • Hi – I LOVE your blog and had the best time entering in some of the Virtual Baby Shower giveaways. I feel like I am at a virtual baby shower, there are SO many products out there to try and they all look wonderful! Thanks for the chance to win some great items that I know I need for my upcoming baby (boy, due May).

    As for goals this month, I am also trying to get on the Cooking bandwagon and do that by meal planning so I don’t wonder what’s for dinner at dinnertime. So far, I am doing well. Today was day one though! LOL

    Another goal is to work on my new blog and continue to get it personalized the way I want it to be. I hope I can blog about the things people want to hear. I’m going to try.

    Thanks again for the cool Virtual Baby Shower you have put together!

  • Good luck with both goals Nicole! Dinner time is always a challenge with me because I’m horrible at planning those things out! It doesn’t help that my husband has had to work late every night for the past month…kids are good with easy meals and I’m even more ok with just quickly making those. Also, good luck with the blog! I look forward to checking it out more! Where are you in Alaska?

  • HI! I’m actually stopping by from Bloggy Moms. Following you now :) I write a money-saving web-site. I post the grocery deals for Kroger and Meijer if you shop at those…well, Target too.
    Take care and nice to meet you :)
    Tracy @ http://www.havingfunsaving.com

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