2011 22/02

Talon’s Birth Story {family friendly version}

Let me begin by telling you that, due to different circumstances surrounding my pregnancy and the size of the baby, it was decided when I was about 38 weeks that I was actually going to deliver via C-Section this time around. I’ll post more about my feelings on that later. So, our C-Section was actually scheduled for Thursday, Feb 17.

Now, let’s rewind to Wednesday, Feb 16….

I was awoken at 4am when I heard little feet moving around in the bathroom and hallway. I got up to make sure the girls were ok and to get them back in bed. I still have no idea why they were awake.

After getting them back in bed, I, of course, could not fall back asleep! So much for “get as much sleep as you can before that baby comes!” I was hungry so I poured myself a bowl of Honeycombs and set up shop on the couch to have a little snack and do some blogging.

At 6am I figured I should quick pee and then try to get a quick nap before the girls woke up for the day. But I didn’t quite make it to the bathroom. But that didn’t quite feel like pee either. Hmmm…

More fluid coming out. And more. And more. This had nothing to do with my bladder. This was different. This was familiar. This was not happening!

Sure enough, my water was leaking, rapidly. But I was not having contractions. Yup, this was familiar alright. So I woke up Tim, called the OB and started getting stuff ready for us to head to the hospital and the girls to head to Aunt Brenda’s. Looks like our “schedule” just got moved up a day.

Once we got to the hospital things moved realitivly quickly. In less than two hours i met with my OB and the anestiologist, signed consent forms, was prepped and lying in the C-Section delivery room. At 10:23am Talon John was born. The doctors and nurses were convinced he was well over 9 pounds but he ended up being 8 lbs 12 oz and 21 inches long.

All in all, the C-Section actually went so much smoother this time around. Probably something to do with not laboring for 36 hours beforehand. No, I still would not choose this birth path but it is what it is.

Aside from a small allergic reaction to one of the meds they gave me post surgery, my recovery has gone pretty well. And little Talon, he’s perfect. He did loose quite a bit of weight (by hospital standards) so despite the fact that he was latching on and nursing right away, by Friday we had to start supplementing along with nursing to keep him from dropping more weight.

Now we are home, almost a week later, trying to adjust to our new family and the new issues a new born brings….

More to come!

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