2011 08/02

Things to come

It’s not often that I look forward to a day of the week.  Truthfully most of our days are the same around here.  Especially recently as I don’t feel like doing much of anything aside from laying on the couch.  So, to actually look forward to a certain day is kind of fun.  Here’s what I have lined up for Wednesday…

After picking Abbi up from school and hearing all about how wonderful her school Valentine’s Day party, we will head into town to drop Jasper off at the dog groomer.  This “YAY #1”!  He is seriously stinky and it will be so nice to have a a good smelling dog in the house again!  And I get a break from a dog who is amazingly needly lately!  Let’s count that as “YAY #2”!

Then we’ll grab some lunch for the girls.  Depending on how much time we have and what they are in the mood for, we’ll either hit McDonalds or Big Apple Bagel.  My bet is they’ll want the bagels.  “YAY #3” because mommy loves bagels, too!

Oh, and while we are out and about, there will be some lovely ladies from the Cleaning Authority (part of the prize I won from iVillage.com) who will be cleaning my house for me! As in, my house will be cleaned today and I won’t be doing any of it!!! “YAY #4”!!!

“YAY #5”?  The girls get to spend a few hours with Aunt Brenda and I get a mommy break!

During my mommy-break I’ll be heading off to my OB appointment.  I’m not “yay-ing” this one because it’s just a check-up to see how things are looking and to talk about the upcoming labor and delivery.  Many, many reasons why I won’t “yay” this.  Let’s move on to the actual “YAY”s.

After my OB appointment and after I’ve collected myself, I’ll be heading off to the biggest “YAY” of all….a massage!  A MASSAGE!  Yeah, we can consider this “YAY #6” through infinity!  My body is in serious need of a massage.  Between being pregnant, falling a few weeks ago, and being sick, my body hurts.  Everything hurts.  And the best part is that this massage is compliments of winning that contest with iVillage.com.

Doesn’t that sound like a fabulous day?  It sounds fabulous to me!!!

Of course, because I have this fabulous day planned, I’m sure I’ll go into labor sometime between now and Wednesday morning!  Which wouldn’t be all bad either…

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