2011 21/03

Spring Cleaning

Yesterday marked the official beginning of Spring and it could not have come soon enough!  I’m so ready to be done with the snow and cold and grey, dreary days of Winter.  I want Spring.  I want green grass and flowers and birds and SUNSHINE!

The first day of Spring also marks the beginning of the Spring Cleaning season!  I’m usually not a big “Spring cleaner” but this year I am embracing it!  I’m tired of all this stuff lying around my house.  Taking up space in my closets and basement.  I’m tired of paying for a storage unit full of stuff that has been there for 2+ years and we obviously don’t need.  It needs to go!

Besides the decluttering that I will be doing, I’m also going to be “Spring cleaning” some of those areas that I just don’t get around to doing — the appliances, the wardrobe, the files, the finances, etc.  And I’m bringing you all along with me!  So, get out those yellow rubber gloves, we’re about to get dirty!

Spring Cleaning 2011

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