2011 30/03

That was SOOOO 2010

In the grand scheme of life, five years does not seem that long. At least it doesn’t feel that long. It was just over five years between when I gave birth to my first baby and this baby. And yet I’m amazed at how much has changed in the “child-rearing” realm in those five short years!

Just when you think you have a handle on this whole parenting thing, you go off and decide to have another baby, just to find out that all of those “recommendations” and “suggestions” have changed. And now you’re starting all over again!

When we were in the hospital with Talon the nurses informed us that they were no longer swaddling the arms of newborns. What? When did that happen? I loved wrapping our babies up like little burritos and snuggling with them. Now I’m snuggling with caterpillar-esq baby with flailing arms! And I’m still not exactly sure what their reasoning is for not swaddling the arms…

It seems like things like this are always changing. As if parenting itself wasn’t tough enough with sleepless nights and trying to decipher those cries, now we need to make sure we are up to speed with the latest “expert recommendations”.

When Abbi (now 5) was a newborn, talks of co-sleeping and baby-wearing were pretty new (at least in my circle of influence) and not recommended by the hospital staff. Then, along came Zoe (almost 3 now) and hospital staff were giving me pointers on how best to “wear my baby” and suggesting co-sleeping as a way to ensure successful breastfeeding. Now we have Talon…I cannot even tell you how many times the nurses and doctors have warned me against co-sleeping and, every time I turn on the tv, I get to see that stupid commercial about Pertussis, making me worry every time I have a tickle in my throat and I’m “wearing” Talon.

And now they have changed the recommendation of keeping our little ones in rear-facing car seats from age 1until they are age 2!

I feel like I just can’t keep up!

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