2011 07/04

Boobs, boobs, and more boobs

Seems like every time I turn the tv on these days they are talking about boobs. And I’m not watching some trashy soap opera or reality tv show. Well, not this time. Instead, boobs (in a round about way) have become the topic of conversation on the news and talk shows like Regis & Kelly, The View and The Talk.

So, let’s just dive right into this, shall we?

Abercrombie & Fitch, a clothing line known for their risque advertising, has hit the headlines once again. This time it is for their new padded bikini tops. What? How are padded bikini tops risque? Simple, these bikini tops are being marketed to high schoolers or college girls. Instead they are being marketed toward young girls.

The “padded bikini tops” were a part of their Abercrombie Kids clothing division, a line of clothes designed for kids ages eight to 14. Of course, since the news of these tops hit the news and the blogs, Abercrombie ‘caved’ (kind of) and has listed the suits as ‘suited’ for girls age 12 and older.

Abercrombie & Fitch padded swimsuits

Let me just say that I would never buy my daughters a padded swimsuit. But then again, I wouldn’t let them wear that suit even it if wasn’t padded! Eight to 14 year old girls shouldn’t be wearing those little triangle tops. I’m sure some of you disagree. To each their own. I just really believe that kids, especially little girls, grow up entirely too fast these days. An eight year old should be dressing like an eight year old, not an eighteen year old.

Speaking of little kids staying little kids, let’s move on to the kids and their toys. I’m sure you know where this one is going….Bebe Gloton.

It seems as though our kids can get a doll that does pretty much everything — pee, drinks bottles, burps, coos, cries, etc. Now your little one can get a doll that breastfeeds. Umm, yes, breastfeeds.

Bebe Gloton, made by a toy maker in Spain, includes a bra-like halter-top that has flowers ore the nipple area. When the doll is near the flowers it makes makes a suckling motion and sound, like it is breastfeeding. The thought behind the doll is to reinforce the idea that breastfeeding is a natural way to feed a baby.

Baby Gloton breastfeeding baby doll

I have mixed thoughts on this doll. First, I’m totally in agreeance that breastfeeding is the natural way to feed a baby. And I like that kids are being taught that babies aren’t always fed from a bottle. But I’m not so sure about the idea of having my five year old pretend she’s breastfeeding. I guess I look at it from the standpoint of teaching her that breastfeeding is how mom feeds the baby and bottles are a way that dad and big sister can feed the baby. Kind of like how mom is the one who carries baby in her belly for 9 months but big sister can’t really do that.

Sure, big sister is most likely still going to put a pillow under her shirt and pretend she’s pregnant like mom and she’s still going to pretend to nurse her baby doll on occasion. It’s a part of her pretending she’s a little mom. I just would rather reinforce the idea that she’s the “big sister” and she can do “big sister” stuff with the baby (whether it’s the real baby or her baby doll). I think I can do all of this while still reinforcing that breastfeeding is a great and natural way to feed a baby and not ally babies are fed from a bottle. I don’t think I need her wearing a “nursing” halter top with suckling simulating flowers.

What do you think? Would you buy your little one a breastfeeding doll? Are you going to buy your pre-teen a padded string-bikini this summer?


  • I totally agree with you on the triangle top swimwear, it’s too grown up for young girls/tweens. Also, that doll…totally creepy IMO.

  • Honestly, I kind of think that any baby doll that simulates real baby actions (whether that is drinking, cooing or peeing) is kind of creepy!

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