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2011 04/04

Next time I’ll sleep for 9 months

Let’s clear the air. I am currently not pregnant and have no intention of getting pregnant.  As things stand right now we are not planning on adding to our family.  We are happily a (tired) family of five.  Plus one dog.  As a matter of fact, I have “schedule husband’s vasectomy” on my t0-do list.  Super! Glad we are all on the same page now.

Talon is now 6 weeks old.  In those six weeks I’ve discovered one key thing — this boy is finicky!

He, unlike his older sisters when they were both babies, has little tolerance for his car seat.  He’s ok in his car seat for about the first half hour and then kiss your eardrums goodbye because he’s going to start screaming!  This is super fun when it takes me 15 minutes to get to the grocery store.  We’ve only made it through the grocery store once in those 6 weeks where he’s not screaming in the check-out line.

He has zero tolerance for his swing or bouncy seat.  Sure, you can put him in either but be prepared to remove him within the first three minutes, unless you enjoy hearing him cry.  Again, this is so unlike his older sisters.  Both of those girls loved their car seats, the swing, and the bouncy seat.  I remember Abbi in particular would sleep for hours in her car seat or her swing.  It was such a god-send.  Now, not so much.

The kicker, he really doesn’t enjoy being in your arms if you’re sitting either. Especially if he’s over tired.  If you’re going to keep him happy (and quiet) then your best bet is to hold him while you’re standing or walking around.  This has been where my Moby Wrap has been a god-send!!!  It’s been my sanity saver!

This got me thinking, I wonder if Talon’s affinity to being held while you’re standing or walking has anything to do with the fact that I spent a good portion of my pregnancy with him on my feet.

During my pregnancies with both of the girls I was able to rest whenever I wanted.  With Abbi I worked at a desk all day and then could spend the evenings lounging and resting.  With Zoe I was home raising Abbi and, while I was a little busier that time around, I was still able to rest whenever Abbi did.  I could even lay on the couch or floor while toddler Abbi played happily around me.

With this last pregnancy I was on my feet most of the day.  Doing this or that with the girls.  Laying on the couch resting wasn’t an option.  And actually getting a nap during the day was a rarity when Abbi no longer naps and Zoe’s naps are pretty unpredictable.

For nearly nine months Talon was used to being bounced around most of the day.  Now that he’s out of the womb and chillin’ in the real world he still wants that bouncing and moving.  Abbi and Zoe were both content with sitting snuggly in their car seats or swaying gently in their swing because, well, that’s how they spent their time in the womb — snug, swaying a little here or there, but mostly stationary.

Does that make sense?  Maybe you all had this figured out already and I’m just now catching on to it.  If you did have it figured out before, DAMN YOU for not telling me!  And if it is true, if I were ever to get pregnant again (NOT PLANNING ON IT), I am handing my kids off to a nanny and totally sleeping for the entire pregnancy!

How did your pregnancy compare to how your baby was after he/she was born?


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