2011 03/04

Spring Break survival

Ah, Spring Break. It’s a week long event that brings about mixed feelings depending on what stage of life you are in. In elementary and middle school school I liked Spring Break for the first day or two, then I just missed my friends and was bored (we didn’t do any traveling on Spring Break growing up). In high school I enjoyed the week off from tests and homework but typically spent the week picking up extra shifts at work — more work, just in a different capacity.

My first two years of college I spent Spring Break actually on vacation. Ya-hoo! Then the last two years I spent that week picking up extra shifts at work. After graduating college I quickly found out that Spring Break doesn’t really exist. Sure, you can take vacation time that week but that’s vacation time you can’t take later on. Bummer. Now that I have kids we are back in the “Spring Break cycle”, but this time I am experiencing it from the parent’s view.

When you have little kids (pre-school and lower elementary), Spring Break can be a bit of a curse! Unless you are planning on traveling that week, of course. If your’e not traveling, then it’s a week of time at home. Time you need to fill with other activities because you know those little ones are going to be dreadfully bored ten minutes into the first day!

So, this week I am going to bring you some ideas of ways we are curbing that boredom!

In the mean time, if you’re in the West Michigan area, check out some of these Spring Break activities:

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