2011 09/05

A few of my favorite {baby} things

We’ve been knee deep in newborn-ville just about 12 weeks now, giving us ample time to really decide what products we like (and could not live without) and what products should have just stayed in the box.  Here are a few of the baby products that we’re loving these days…

  1. Aden & Anais blankets — these lightweight muslin swaddling blankets have been so nice for swaddling Talon because they are so soft, breathable (keeping him from getting too warm), and can go from small (when you fold it in half) to large (when you don’t fold it in half).  I actually used one to cover myself up with when I was rocking him at night during the cooler months.
  2. Sassy Baby bottle scrubber — I wrote about these last fall when I got the chance to preview them and, now that I actually get to use one, I love it.  It doesn’t scratch the bottles and yet gets them clean!
  3. Munchkin Arm & Hammer™ Nursery Fresheners & Fresh Totes — Love both of these! My husband got a little over zealous with the Fresh Totes and hung them up all over our house one day (thankfully they are fun designs) and I have the Nursery Fresheners hanging out in the bottom of the diaper pail.  They really do help eliminate that “diaper” smell.
  4. Mommy Bliss Gripe Water — Talon is a very gassy baby and has had a terrible time with it since birth.  We’ve tried the Mommy Bliss Gripe Water and the Target brand Mylicon drops.  I like the Mommy Bliss better because it doesn’t seem so harsh on his belly.
  5. Moby Wrap — my butt would be planted in the rocker or on the couch if it weren’t for this carrier/wrap!  Talon does not like to sleep during the day and often just wants to be snuggled.  If I needed/wanted to get anything done during the day I would simply wrap him up on me and away we would go.  He would be content and I could get stuff done!
  6. ERGO Carrier — Now that he’s getting a little bigger, we’re using the Ergo Carrier, too. I used it the other day when we were walking around Tulip Time and it was fabulous. Talon slept peacefully, I was able to keep the sun off his head, neither of us got too warm, and my back didn’t get sore at all…and we walked around like this for 2+ hours!
  7. The chair —  Shortly before Talon was born we bought this oversized glider/rocking chair.  It finally came a few weeks after he was born and I’ve been loving it ever since. Not only is it comfortable and reclines so he and I can fall asleep together, but it’s big enough that one of the girls can sit with me while I’m rocking Talon. The other morning Zoe crawled up into the chair with me and snuggled with me while I fed Talon and it was bliss!
  8. Boppy — Whether you are breastfeeding or bottle feeding, the Boppy pillow is a life saver.  Or should I say “arm saver”.  Even when  I’m just holding Talon, trying to get him to go to sleep, the Boppy is so nice to take some of the weight and pressure off my arms.
  9. Mobi Video Monitors — We had junk baby monitors with both girls so it is a whole new world to have awesome baby monitors this time around.  I actually won these with the iVillage Ultimate Baby Shower and am in love with them.  We currently have them in the older girls’ room and, oh the power of having a video camera on them!  I can actually see them when they are being naughty and they can’t argue with me about it!  Fabulous!  We also have a Graco Secure Coverage Digital Monitor that I’ll be telling you about later this week.  Loving these, too!
  10. Wonder Bumpers by Go Mama Go Designs — I’ve told you how awesome these alternates to traditional crib bumpers are before but now I’m saying…they are AWE-SOME!  Talon scoots around on his belly like a mad man and when he’s mad, oh man can that boy scoot!  I often find him with his head right up against the rails on the crib so it’s really nice to know I have these cushioned covers on the rails, protecting his little noggin but still keeping him safe!

This post is linked up to Oh Amanda‘s Top Ten Tuesday.

Oh, and none of these companies have paid or hired me to include them in this list. I truly love these products!


  • hehe, I’m a big one for video monitors too. When I have kids, you can bet I’ll be using them! 😛

  • Congrats on your newest addition! I am thinking about number two and am always on the lookout for new stuff. I definitely want a video monitor this time around to save on trips upstairs with a toddler running around. I also really wanted those Wonder Bumpers – good to know that they work well.

  • It’s so not right…but I love that I can spy on my kids and come busting in, “I can see you! Go to sleep!” :)

  • Thanks Joules! I’m a huge fan of the Wonder Bumpers! I wish you lived closer because I have an extra set that I’m not using!

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