2011 13/05

Yes, Talon, I can hear you. 2000ft away and I can still hear you!

When we found out I was pregnant with Talon (wow, it’s been almost a year since I took that test), I was so thankful we kept all of our baby stuff from the girls.  Most of our baby stuff was in pretty good shape and could certainly handle going through one more kid. That is, all but our baby monitors!

Apparently I decided to get the cheapest, worst monitors possible when I was pregnant with our first.  They were horrible! Always staticy and making this clicking sound.  Batteries wouldn’t hold a charge.  And you could only go about ten feet away from the nursery unit if you wanted to hear anything!  Not very useful since I could hear the baby crying better without the monitor than with.  I really didn’t want to go through another baby running back and forth to check to see if he/she was still sleeping. Time to go shopping!

To my delight, while I was pregnant with Talon, I was given the opportunity to test out the new Secure Coverage™ Digital Baby Monitors by Graco!

Graco Secure Coverage™ Digital Baby Monitors

*photo courtesy of Graco Baby*

Remember, I’m a bit gun shy when it comes to monitors.  I just figured that baby monitors, unless you spend over $100, were just going to be pretty much useless.  But, I’ll give these a shot!

First impression, they are nice and small!  I love that I can have the nursery unit sitting on the dresser in the nursery and it’s not like, “Whoa! Check out the monitor taking up the whole dresser!”  And the parent unit is amazingly small!  It easily fits in my pocket or clips on to my belt (yes, it comes with a built-in belt clip).  The small size of the parent unit also keeps it from getting in the way while you’re doing whatever it is you’re doing!  You’ll hardly notice it’s there because it is so light as well!!!

I was also very pleased at how clear the sound on the monitor was as well! The Secure Coverage™ Digital Baby Monitors have a 2000 ft. range. I’ve tested that distance range and the monitor still worked flawlessly!  Couple that range with the 900 MHZ frequency, and you’ve got crystal clear sound all the time.  Also, that means you don’t have to worry about cell phone interference…that nasty clicking sound I had on my old monitors — GONE!

Here are my favorite two features though — rechargeable and vibration! The parent unit comes with a rechargeable battery pack, meaning no more replacing those batteries! You just have to remember to charge the unit (it does have a little beep when those batteries are getting low).

Then there is the exclusive Graco® vibration technology! I was sold right there! I can now go out and mow the lawn without the fear that Talon’s lying in his crib screaming his foolish head off all because I can’t hear the monitor overtop the lawn mower.  I simply turn the “vibe” on, slip it in my pocket, and away I go…until it vibrates, telling me that little mister is done with his ten minute name…aiyiyi!

So, obviously, I’m  fan!  I’m really looking forward to taking these monitors with me when we go camping this summer!  The Secure Coverage™ Digital Baby Monitors are great and I’d definitely recommend them if you’re in the market for some baby monitors!  They only cost $44.99 (or $64.99 if you want a set with two parent units), making them really affordable to treat yourself or add to your baby registry!

I’d love to know, what were/are your experiences with baby monitors? Do/did you use them?

You should know…I did receive complimentary product from Graco to facilitate this review and post.  All opinions stated here are my own.

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