2011 20/05

Oh Mater!

It’s Friday. My mind is completely fried. My energy is zapped.  And the dog is sitting on the couch next to me snoring so loudly that I can’t even think straight!  So, I’m going to call the weekend as officially started and leave you with this fun “behind the scenes” clip of the much anticipated summer release of Cars 2!

I have a soft spot in my heart for the Cars films because Cars was the first movie we ever took one of our kids to see!  We went to see it while vacationing in Alaska when Abbi was just 6 months old! Of course the girls have seen the first film a bunch of times and love it!  And now I’m really excited to take them to see Cars 2 in the theaters on June 24!  Enjoy…

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  • We can’t wait for that one to come out!! Cody loves the first one and we’ve watched it about 875,371 times since he got it for his second birthday. He’s never been to the theater, so Todd and I plan on taking him to go see this one on a date with us – no sister!

  • So fun! What a great opportunity to make it a special outing with Cody! My girls love the theater. Might have something to do with the endless tub of popcorn….

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