2011 03/05

Phones don’t have cords!

There is just over a 25 year age difference between me and my oldest child.  Some times that doesn’t seem like very long and then other times it seems like massive chasm between us.  Especially when I think about the things I had or experienced as a child that my kids have no idea about!  Unless they are wandering around a vintage shop. They can bring back all the 80s/90s fashions and cartoons they want, but there are somethings they just won’t bring back…

10 things my kids won’t experience:

  1. Corded phones — Because we don’t even have a home phone, their “norm” is a cell phone.  So, not only will they not experience a phone that is attached to the wall, that you get tangled in the cord as you chat with your girl friends, but they won’t experience phones that you can’t just take with you in the car!
  2. Rotary Phones & Party Lines — We had both of these growing up!  I totally remember sharing a phone line with our neighbors.  How weird is that?
  3. Typewriters — Ah, changing the ribbon!  The clicking as you push down each key.  Typing class is actually the only class in high school that I got a “C” in!
  4. Riding around in a car without car seats or being buckled in — I’m convinced this is why I MUST have a dvd player in the car when traveling with kids and why my kids don’t normally sleep on car trips!  How can you sleep when you’re strapped in to that car seat?  When we traveled as kids, we layed down on the floor of the car or on the back seat.  We didn’t worry about seat belts or car seats.  We also piled six people across the bench seat of a pick-up truck.  Sure, not necessarily safe, but more comfortable.
  5. Records — I’ll never forget rocking out to the record player at Lissy’s house!
  6. Cassette tapes — Oh the days of making mixed tapes for that boy you liked!
  7. VHS — I should say that my oldest actually did watch VHS before.  When she was a toddler we had my old tv/vcr combo from college in our living room and she would watch VHS tapes on that.  I actually still have a box of old Disney VHS tapes at our storage unit because I just can’t bear to get rid of them!
  8. Dot Matrix Printers — When we got our very first computer, we also got a dot matrix printer!  You know, the ones with the big ream of paper that had each paper connected to the next.  I remember printing a banner on that thing that ran the entire length of my bedroom.  Wow, that thing was noisy!
  9. Large satellite dishes — My friends thought I was so cool when we got our satellite dish.  Now I laugh about it.  That thing was HUGE!  But it was pretty cool to watch it move as you changed the channel.
  10. Encyclopedia Britannica — Before the days of Google, we had to look things up in books! They weren’t always the most updated books, but I remember being in awe of all the pictures and information in those Encyclopedias.  But, oh man did it suck when one of the volumes went missing and you had a report due the next day!

What things do you remember from childhood that your kids won’t ever experience?

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  • I do kinda miss that long dot-matrix paper! That would be fun to have for hte kids to draw on…wonder if I can get some on ebay? 😉

    Thanks for linking up!

  • These are great!! I remember making mixed tapes ALL the time! Things are just so much easier now. Great post!

  • Thanks Jen. I agree, things do seem easier now! But giving a boy a mixed cd just doesn’t feel the same as a mixed tape. :) I think I’m just nostalgic!

  • Amanda, I would love to have a few boxes of that dot-matrix paper, too! So many great projects I could do with that!

  • Here from the hop! I believe I can relate to most everything on your list, lol. We actually still have a dot matrix printer downstairs, here at work!! We used it to print labels on b/c we needed the dot matrix paper to keep them in order… but alas, technology has finally replaced that, too… We still have some boxes of dot matrix labels, but they’re not as cool as the plain paper would have been :-/

  • I feel ya on the nostalgia. I have a friend who was so so sad when everyone started getting digital cameras and I didn’t get it but now I do. I can’t remember the last time I touched one of my photos.

  • Katie — we just got my husband’s aunt to upgrade from her old film camera to a digital last year!

  • Bird — thanks for visiting!

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