2011 29/06

Cowgirl. Superhero. Babygirl.

2011 28/06

Needing Adult Conversation

Conversation with the 5 year old… Abbi: Mom, what time will Bri be here? Me: 9:30. Abbi: When will it be nine thirty? Me: Well, go look at the clock and tell me what numbers you see.

2011 27/06

14 Weeks of Summer: Weekly Events

If you’re a family that thrives on a schedule, then you’re probably starting to panic a little with the looming un-scheduled Summer ahead of you. Well, panic no more! There are a ton of weekly activities happening throughout the Summer and most are FREE! Here’s a list of some weekly Summer activities happening right here […]

2011 24/06

The one where I offend the medical community. Again.

It’s no secret. I really don’t enjoy sitting in doctor offices. I don’t enjoy even dealing with 90% of the medical community. But, when you’ve got kids, it’s inevitable. And it seems that, lately, we’ve been in and out of doctor appointments, getting all of our back-to-school check-ups taken care of. Here are a few […]

2011 23/06

Five years was worth the wait!

Congrats Staci Wykes! You’re the winner of the Cars 2 prize pack! I can’t believe that almost exactly five years ago we were sitting in a theater in Alaska watching Cars with our (then) 6 month old Abbi! Since then we’ve watched that movie countless times and continue to love it each and every time! […]

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