2011 15/06

A glimpse

On any given day I will have a dozen or two ideas running through my head. Specific ideas. Ideas on how to promote a company. And not just any company, a specific company. Actually it’s usually a few companies. And I can’t shut them off!

So, what is one to do?

I guess I could always contact those specific companies and share my ideas, but how do I get paid for them? That, my friends, is where the questions lye.How do I share these ideas with these companies without them just saying, “Oh, that’s great! Thanks!” and then running off with those ideas and not paying me. I guess, more so, how do I convey these ideas in an exceptional way without giving away all the details. Thus creating the need to keep me (and my ideas) around and pay me?

The problem…at least the first problem…is that I don’t want to go work in the marketing department for a specific company. I have ideas for other companies, too. Also, I really love being able to work from home and work on my time!

There’s the thought of going to work for a marketing/PR firm, but, realistically, why would they even hire me? I don’t have a degree in business or marketing or PR. I’m a biology and psychology major. I guess I could share with them some of my ideas and run the risk of them taking them as their own. But, again, I enjoy working at home. On my own clock.

That pretty much leaves me two options: (1) let those ideas continue to swirl around in my head and do nothing or (2) start my own marketing thing.

One is sad and safe. The other is exciting and terrifying.

I think I’m ready to be excited and terrified.

I have no idea what the next step is. Or how to get there. Or where it will take me. Or if it will take me anywhere.

But I’m curious.

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