2011 28/06

Needing Adult Conversation

Conversation with the 5 year old…

Abbi: Mom, what time will Bri be here?

Me: 9:30.

Abbi: When will it be nine thirty?

Me: Well, go look at the clock and tell me what numbers you see.

Abbi: Nine. Zero. Six.

Me: Ok, so it’s 9:06. Bri comes at 9:30. What numbers do you think you need to see on the clock for 9:30.

Abbi: Ummm. Nine?

Me: Yes.

Abbi: I don’t know.

Me: Yes you do. You have the 9. Now you need the thirty. What numbers make up thirty?

Abbi: Umm. Three?

Me: Yup. And?

Abbi: Two?

Me: No.

Abbi: Four?

Me: No.  What two numbers together make a thirty?

Abbi: I don’t know. Three and three?

Me: No {holding back frustration}. When you see a thirty, what two numbers are there? {seeing blank stares} When you see a twenty, what two numbers are there?

Abbi: Two? Zero?

Me: YES! So, what two numbers make up a thirty?

Abbi: Ummm….Three? And Four?


Abbi: Oh! Three and Zero!

Me: Yes, Three and Zero. So what numbers will be on the clock at nine thirty?

Abbi: Umm…Nine?

Me: And?

Abbi: Hey, look! Bri’s here! What time on the clock will it be when she has to leave?

Me: When I get home. Go say “hi” to Bri.


Yup, time for some kid-free time for this mommy. And alcohol. And music that says naughty words.


  • Hilarious! Have had so many conversations like that lately with my 6 year-old. He is obsessed with the carnival coming for the weekend of the 4th and asks me daily what day they will be here. ARGH! Remember child, remember!

  • Annie — Oh yes, we’ve had that conversation here too! Finally I put a calendar on our fridge and we mark of each day. When she asks, I tell her to go look at the calendar. Of course I say that lovingly :)

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