2011 24/06

The one where I offend the medical community. Again.

It’s no secret. I really don’t enjoy sitting in doctor offices. I don’t enjoy even dealing with 90% of the medical community. But, when you’ve got kids, it’s inevitable. And it seems that, lately, we’ve been in and out of doctor appointments, getting all of our back-to-school check-ups taken care of.

Here are a few of my ‘favorite’ medical-moments lately:

“Please show up 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment to confirm your insurance and information.”

Really? It’s going to take 15 minutes for you to double check my insurance info and address? Less we forget that 98% of the time we already wait a minimum of 15-20 minutes in the waiting room before the nurse calls us back. So now you want me to come an extra 15 minutes early so I can try to keep my three kids from driving everyone in the waiting room crazy for a half hour? Ummm, sure, that sounds like a swell idea!

“…and if you’re calling from a rotary phone, please stay on the line.”

This was part of the phone message I got when I called the billing department at the doctor’s office. I stayed on the line just to see what would happen. The menu repeated itself two more times and then I just hung up.

Do people actually still have rotary phones? I’m willing to bet that those under 25 don’t even know what a rotary phone is! And, if you’re going to cater to the 2 people in this country who still have a rotary phone, then make sure your phone services can handle them!

“Please use a specimen container or other container such as a baby food jar, pill bottle or film canister.”

Seriously people! Let’s update those forms please! When was the last time you purchased a film canister? Again, I dare say that those under 25 have never even purchased a roll of film. So, I’m guessing 98% of your patients don’t have a film canister just lying around. And a baby food jar? For a specimen? EWWW!

Ok, while the medical community tries to catch up with the 2000’s, do you have any funny or annoying medical stories?

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