2011 22/07

When they grow up

Abbi: Mom, when I grow up, I’m going to be a mom!

Me: Really. That’s good.

Abbi: Because I want to have a cute little baby boy and name him Talon John (her brother).

Me: He is pretty cute. But what about those stinky diapers?

Abbi: Oh, my husband will change those. I’ll change the pee diapers and he can change the stinky ones.

Me: Oh really? Who do you think changes Talon’s stinky diapers?

Abbi: Dad does.

Me: Ummm. Try again.

Abbi: You?

Me: Yes.

Abbi: Well, my husband is going to be in charge of changing stinky diapers!

Me: That’s great. You go with that!

Zoe: Wanna know what I’m going to be when I grow up? Huh Mom?

Me: Sure Zo.

Zoe: A pirate!

And there you have it. Abbi the ‘mommy’


and Zoe the ‘pirate’.



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