2011 10/08

Going Home

It’s always an odd feeling traveling back to the town where I grew up. And yet we do it almost every Summer. It bewilders my husband. And this year, I tried to explain it to him.

See, growing up in a small town, everyone knows everyone. And, when you leave that town, it’s almost as though who you are in the minds of the people you grew up with and around is frozen forever. When I go back, I’m not Stacey! The Mom of 3 awesome kids, wife, writer, designer, entrepreneur. Nope. I’m Stacey, preppy little cheerleader, honor student, so & so’s girlfriend, girl who was stupid enough to get an MIP without even having a drink that one night. Frozen.

And then, of course, you’re immediately associated with the shortcomings and faults of those you’re related to. Stacey, relation to that screw up and the town drunk.

And less we forget, those ‘oh so awkward’ conversations as you do run into people at the arts & crafts or carnival. Oh, so these are your kids? Fun. {cricket, cricket} Well, it was good seeing you again.

So yes, it’s awkward and uncomfortable to be home again. But, this year, it was also heart warming!

This is also a time when many from my extended family come home, too. And, while we don’t sit around a campfire sharing memories, I did get to take away a few.

This was the first time any of them had met Talon (almost 6months now) and it was fun to watch them love on him and for him to soak up each one of their faces. He’s such a people-lover. And totally Papa’s boy!

Then there are the girls. If ever there were two bigger hams! They were buddies with just about everyone! They danced around and blew/caught bubbles with my mom (aka Grammy) and great-Aunt Nellie. They loved on their Great Gram and her Beanie Bear collection. Thought my Aunt Teresa was an absolute riot. And attached themselves to Uncle Bill’s hip.

That last one made my heart completely explode! My sister and I used to follow Uncle Bill around, basking in his attention and warm smile. When we grew up, he had his own two little girls to dote on and to dote on him. Now, with his little girls no longer little but beautiful grown women, the circle continues with my girls. The first thing they asked each time we returned to my Gram’s house after a trip to the park or carnival was “Is Uncle Bill here?” They could not get enough of him! And I think he liked it, too!

But I liked it most. I loved seeing my girls bond with my Uncle Bill. I loved seeing them catch bubbles with Grammy and Aunt Nellie. Laugh at Papa’s silliness. Giggle with Aunt Teresa. Treasure their new bears from Great Gram.

So, despite my worries of awkward conversations and run-ins with the past, I got to make new memories. Little bits of heaven.

Merry Go Round

Playing on the same playground equipment that I played on as a kid!


Pretending she's Rapunzel. "Best! Day! EVER!"

Yay for going home!

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