2011 25/08

I’m not a morning person

We still have two weeks before school starts around here. (I can’t believe it’s only two weeks away!) However, this week, we got a little does of what it will be like with Abbi in Kindergarten.

She is took part in KinderCamp, a ‘get you ready for Kindergarten‘ day camp put on by the Outdoor Discover Center. For a few hours each morning (Monday thru Wednesday) she got to learn about different creatures in the world around her while getting a taste of what it’s like to be in her classroom and at the school. Really great idea! Yay for an awesome school! And she even got to meet her teacher! Super yay!

I think the school also does this so parents can prepare. Let’s face it. While sleeping in past 7am doesn’t often occur in our house, we do have our fair share of lazy mornings. Maybe more than our fair share. But this week, I’ve actually had to be up, showered, dressed, kids up, kids fed, kids dressed…all before 8:30 am. School is kind of a drag!

Thus begins the consumption of coffee. Lots of coffee. Ok, maybe just a cup each morning but coffee nonetheless! And, because I’m not a hardcore coffee drinker, my cup is usually two-thirds coffee and one-third flavored creamer.

Coffee-mate Natural Bliss

This week I am trying out Coffee-mate’s new Natural Bliss in my coffee.  It is an “all-natural coffee creamer” that comes in three flavors: vanilla, caramel, and sweet cream. All three are absolutely fabulous (love how creamy they make my coffee) but this morning I am especially enjoying my Natural Bliss Sweet Cream in my already flavored hazelnut coffee.  So much so that my cup is empty and I need another one!

Coffee-mate Natural Bliss

If you’re struggling with getting back into the ‘school-schedule’ and find yourself brewing a few extra cups (or pots) of coffee in the morning, then check out Natural Bliss. They really are fabulous and are making my mornings just a little bit sweeter! Seriously, if I’m going to be injecting my body with coffee then at least I can make it taste yummy with a creamer with natural ingredients.  You can pick up Coffee-mate Natural Bliss at most grocery stores or you can find a retailer in your area by visiting the Coffee-Mate.com.

Coffee-mate Natural Bliss

I’d love to know…How do you like to start your day {let’s keep it clean}? Are you a coffee drinker? Tea drinker? Or are you one of those crazy naturally perky morning people?

If you’d like to try Coffee-Mate Natural Bliss, I have an extra coupon for a free bottle that I’d like to pass along to one of you.  Just leave me a comment below and I’ll randomly select a winner on Thursday, Sept. 1.  It’s that simple. Because I think coffee should be that simple!

you should know..I wrote this review wile participating in a campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Coffee-mate and received coupons and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate. Any form of compensation I receive for this campaign did not reflect on my opinions stated above. 

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  • I am a morning person, but it still takes a cup of coffee to wake me up. I love coffee any way you can make it—“light & sweet”, “black”, foamy, frothy, etc.

  • You are speaking my language. I think it depends on how much sleep I’ve gotten and when I’m able to roll out of bed: Before the family? Total morning person! If I’m woken up BY the family? I need me some coffee and a good 15 minutes before I’m nice.

    I take coffee in almost any form :)

  • My coffee need is definitely affected by “how” I’m woken up, too. Although, seems like it doesn’t matter how much sleep I get!

  • Katherine, it’s interesting that you take your coffee pretty much any way. I always thought that people who take their coffee straight up black are hard core :)

  • i have to have my coffee in the morning just to get started.

  • I became addicted to coffee when I was substitute teaching after college & was always in a random and unpredictable setting daily. Coffee was my consistency & I still love it as part of my morning routine.

  • I think it’s mandatory for teachers to drink coffee. I’ve never met a teacher that doesn’t drink coffee 😉

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