2011 19/08

Learn to Sail {life list}

Despite the fact that I grew up on the water {Lake Huron}, I’ve never been on a sail boat. I’ve been on pretty much every other kind of boat, from little fishing boats to giant barges, but never a sail boat. So, of course, that one had to go on my Life List.

But not just be on a sailboat. I wanted to learn all about that boat!

Then it only made sense that, after finding out that one of my husband’s co-workers had a sailboat, I should mention it to my husband two or three {dozen} times that I REALLY WANTED to learn how to sail. And so he arranged it. The most perfect sailing night possible! I was going to learn how to sail!!!

This is Vince and Tracy, two fabulously awesome newlyweds, and their sailboat, The Merger!

Learning to Sail

Vince is a surfer. And when I say surfer, I mean hard-core surfer! The man doesn’t only surf those lovely warm, blue, tropical waters. Oh no, he surfs the Great Lakes! Now, before you go all Whoa! Wait, Great Lakes surfing? What eve’s! Let me introduce you to a fabulous documentary Vince put together called “UNSALTED“.

UNSALTED: A Great Lakes Experience DVD

*photo courtesy of unsalted.tv

Yeah, they actually surf the frigid waters of Lake Superior. Hard. Core. I think Vince will be helping me check off another Life List item…learn to surf!

UNSALTED: A Great Lakes Experience

*photo courtesy of unsalted.tv

So, back to sailing. We set sail on serene Lake Muskegon where Vince and Tracy gave me a tour of their very spacious 28 foot boat and started familiarizing me with all those fancy sailing terms — jib, boom, point of sail, tack, luffing. It’s like speaking a whole new language. And I was loving it!

Learning to Sail

We made our way across the lake, trying to steer clear of the boating race taking place on the lake, and headed out towards Lake Michigan. Vince wanted to make sure I experienced both serene inland lake sailing and wavy big lake sailing.  Thankfully I’m not quick to get sea sick and Lake Michigan wasn’t actually too choppy!

Learning to Sail

Tim was all about getting right in there, helping Tracy set the sails. I, on the other hand, was more reserved and just soaking in all of the details.  I tend to be that way when I’m out of my comfort zone (i.e. water is out of my comfort zone). But I’m hoping that on our next trip out I will be more hands on!

Oh, hi Vince and Tracy, did I mention this wasn’t a one time gig? Awesome! Because there are more summer nights yet and I’m ready whenever you are!

{You can view more of our sailing photos on Flickr.}

Thanks again to Vince and Tracy for taking us out on their boat. So awesome to be able to check that off my list and say that I’m totally ready to do it again! Oh, and go check out UNSALTED! Thanks!

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